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The "Voting Game" will be based around an individual of the Project Earth Community's choosing. It will begin with character creation, then according to the decisions in the character creation, you will find yourself in a related world of possibilities. I will post with it some ideas on what is possible, what is recommended and future goals you could work towards.

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Welcome one and all to the Project Earth Voting Game!
The "Voting Game" will be based around an individual of the Project Earth Community's choosing. It will begin with character creation, then according to the decisions in the character creation, you will find yourself in a related world of possibilities. I will post with it some ideas on what is possible, what is recommended and future goals you could work towards.
Players will post as comments on the feature as to what they think the character should do. The feature, when posted/updated, will show the character's skills, abilities, needs, memories, equipment and so forth as well as the turn events - segregated and shown as clearly as possible to avoid a wall of text!
The forum game will reflect and test systems according to Project Earth as an MMORPG. So, if anything, it's a little piece of Project Earth, brought to you early! I will begin working on this as soon as I've finished this news piece. If all goes well, and it is given the nod by the ModDB team... game on!

If players are active, I will update every Monday with the Development Update.

How to Play
It's really quite simple. Players can "vote" by posting in the comment section. The greatest vote (otherwise picked at random) will be the decision for the character to follow.
Whilst I will post some ideas of what is possible right now, you can really do anything you feel is useful, or what you wish to do!

Oh, and, I'll make this game as graphically supported as I can! That is, having images and such to denote the world around you.

As the fleshy, gooey head popped out, a scream began. Even after the meaty thing was pulled out, wrapped in a blanket and offered food – cried it still did. And this was your way of saying, “Hey!” to everyone!

Although, the kicking and screaming didn't go down too well. Your mother took it in her stride, whilst your abstinent father folded his burly arms with a grimace – your brother and sisters didn't take too kindly to the bundle of screaming, pooping, consuming creature, neither.

Your loud and active behaviour continued into childhood, as you were far from quiet and reserved and prone to exploring every little crook and cranny you could find in the village. You often wound up going missing, only to be found huddled and bunkered down in a wicker basket or clay basin, hiding – terrifying your parents, yet entertaining your siblings. You never really met most of your extended family, what of them there were.

As you grew up, you continued this adventurous misbehaviour, never venturing too far from the village proper. You were a difficult child, still, both of your parents suffering the brunt of this – shame on you!
Nethertheless, you were always welcome at your grandparents, who would often share their spare time with you, defending the village from hobgoblins and dragons. Difficult as you may have been, you – most of the time – did as you were told when it came to chores.
As you grew older and began bumping into other children, you mixed well and formed a small group of heroes and heroines, learning to take the ropes of situations quite easily.
Well, somewhere along the line, your parents must have gotten through your thick skull, for you were well known for your manners in the village towards others.

As a teenager, you began to mix with your parents, or at least with your mother. Whilst doing as your father said, you still often rammed heads with him. Your adventures soon began to move from action adventures into adventures of the mind, digging deep into fact and fiction alike.
Even on the waning days of your action adventures, your grandparents eventually slowed down in their ability to join you, for age was quickly gaining on them. Although, you still maintained vigil upon their home, visiting at times.
With each visit, you noticed an extra line of age upon them, and the extra wheeze in their breath. As the ordeal of mortality dawned upon you, although it made you a little sad, as expected, it did not drag you emotionally down too much.
Throughout your years of adventuring, you had rarely caught a scratch of snap of the skin or bone. Whilst you may thing this is a positive thing, in fact, it makes it so when you are hurt, it feels far worse than it is. Not only emotionally does it wrack you, but physically your body is not used to healing itself.
Your manners continued through the years, to elders and gods alike.

As you grew into young adulthood, you took up charge of being a hunter for the village. In your available spare time, you spent it with the last years of your grandparent's lives, who passed on shortly after – who's home you inherited.
Although you were then living alone, you still helped your mother and father with chores once in a while, and were far from a hermit, often available and leading social gatherings. Elders and the gods still endured your pleasant praise, whilst you still went on your harmless adventures In between hunting.

And now, as the sun's rays find you, it is a new day. Where will your adventures take you?

Suggested Course of Action: Gather Food

Available Actions (Not limited to):
Work, Hunt, Forage, Fish, Gather Bait, Explore, Talk to Friend, Talk to Stranger Neighbour, Eat, Drink, Defecate, Wash, Socialise, Sleep, Go to X, Make Arrows, Make Bows, Practice Archery, Activate Memory, Extend home, Caretake Garden, Explore for a Pet, Meet Village Elder on Village Matters, Shop, Build Furniture.

01 January 200BCE

Late Night

(Tileset of Inquisitor, R. Janes. Not Project Earth)

SELECT_NAME of the Nervii Tribe
Hometown: Fanum Martis
Age: 19y 0m

Current Location: Home

Current Mood: 80%
{Normal Decay}
No Moodlets

Temperature: Cold

Cold Winds -10
Cold Air -10
Warm Clothing +10

Need to Eat: 0%
Need to Drink: 0%
Need to Excrete: 0%
Need to Wash: 0%
Need to Socialise: 0%
Need to Sleep: 0%

Health: 80/80 (Phys*10)
Stamina: 140/140 (Edur*10)

Melee Attack: 7 (sqrt (sqrt (Dex) * 10) + Melee/Unarmed Skill)
Melee Damage: 6 (sqrt (sqrt (Str) * 10))
Ranged Attack: 10+3 (sqrt (sqrt (Dex)*10) + sqrt (Dex) + Archery Skill) + Bow
Ranged Damage: 9 (sqrt (sqrt (Dex)*5) + sqrt (Dex)) + Arrow

Defence: 2
Initiative: 12 (sqrt (Intel*5)+(Dex*5))


Physique: 8
Endurance: 14

Strength: 13
Dexterity: 17
Intelligence: 15
Personality: 15

Ancestral Favour: 0
Ancestral Favour can be exchanged in for luck by praying before the luck is required. All Favour is consumed (up to 10 per prayer).

Real Estate

- Your Room
:: Storage Crate
:: :: Fishing Rod (No Bait)
- Living Room/Kitchen
:: Cooking Pot
:: Meat Stock
:: :: 4 Cooked Pike
- Outside
:: Drying Rack


Hunting Bow (E) ATK: 3
Leather Quiver (E)
:: 20 Wood & Bone Arrows DMG: 3
Cloth Clothings (E) DEF:1
Leather Footwear (E) DEF:1
Grandfather's Amulet (E)
Cooked Venison x10
Waterskin 10.0/10.0l

Occupation: Apprentice Hunter
Occupation Advancement Progress: 12%
Boss: Tjeerd
One shift: Two day ticks
Reward: Random Game Food (1/2 given to boss)

Worshippers will follow you on an adventure, to their deaths and uncomplaining.
Allies will join you on an adventure, if able and if their needs are not in need of tending.
Friends might join you on an adventure, given circumstance.
People of No Opinion have no opinion of you, and likely do not even know of you past your first name.
Rivals are difficult to bump into neutral and then Friendship-status relationships, and will not give you a chance or benefit on anything.
Enemies will seek out, underhandedly, to cause you minor harm.
Archenemies will seek out, underhandedly and sometimes blatantly, to kill you or ones you love, via themselves or hirelings.

Mother; Betje (49)
Father; Gillis (51)
Sister; Elise (22)
Sister; Thera (19)
Brother; Theo (25)


Antoon (19)
F: Thera (18)
F: Elise (22)
F: Theo (25)

Jorris (19)
Meike (19)
Mees (19)
Erik (19)
F: betje (49)

People of No Opinion
Jozefien (20)
Maximiliaan (19)
Rosanne (16)
Sjaark (24)

F: Gillis (51)
Tjeerd (36)

Tijn (19)


Use skills to improve them and their related statistic.

Hunting Level 4; 0/500 EXP
Archery Level 3; 0/400 EXP
Stealth Level 3; 0/400 EXP
Arrow-Crafting Level 3; 0/400 EXP
Bow-Making Level 2; 0/300 EXP

Fishing Level 1; 0/200 EXP

These are passive.

Worshipper of the Ancestors
:: You worship the ancestors in all their wisdom.
- Able to offer animal hearts in sacrifice after a hunt to earn Ancestral Favour.

:: You're an adventure at heart! What is beyond the horizon? There's only one way to find out.
- You are happiest when in the wilds.

Community Helper
:: As a young adult, you were helpful towards the well-being of the community.
- You have a better reputation with the hunters in your home village.

You can only activate one memory at a time.

First Adventure
:: You can clearly remember the first day you went out on an adventure as a child!
- Increases Endurance for a short time.

Helping Hand
:: You have, most of the time, been helpful when needed - charitous, even.
- Increases mood for a short time.

Motherly Bond
:: You have, or had, a strong bond with your mother.
- Increases Dexterity for a short time.

Elderly Bond
:: You were lucky enough to spend the last days happily with your grandparents, before they passed away.
- Increases Intelligence for a short time; 50% chance of good or bad moodlet.

Group Leader
:: You've always held the ability to lead a number of people under your sway of words!
- Activating this will increase your Companion(s)' mood.

The Philosipher
:: You've always had an ability with being able to focus clearly on your thoughts.
- Activating this will increase your skill gain rate.


This is such an awesome project. I just thought I'd show my support. I've been following this for some time and am just astounded by how much work you're putting into it.

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Azkanan Author

Thank you! It's comments like that, that give me a boost, and put a smile in my day. :)

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