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Here you will find the complete list of the animations of this version.

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Awesome .IFP v2 full animation list (includes animations from V1):

  • Car door opening (Unknown)
  • Jumping over fence (by Linevariy)
  • Climbing on the roof or something (by Linevariy)
  • Rolling on the ground after jumping from low buildings (Unknown author, edited by Gedimas)
  • Falling from high buildings or something (by Linevariy)
  • Fight blocking (by Gedimas)
  • Fighting idle, moving forward or back and kicking while on a car or the victim is on the ground (by Linevariy)
  • Pushing (by Gedimas)
  • Consequence of pushing (by Rockstar Games and adjusted by Gedimas)
  • Stance armed idle and with rocket, heatseaker (by Gedimas)
  • Men's normal stance (by Gedimas)
  • Jumping (by Linevariy)
  • Phone take out, take in and talking (by Gedimas)
  • Player Run with rocket or heatseaker (by Afasrock)
  • Stopping after sprint (by Linevariy)
  • Player/CJ Sprint (by Linevariy)
  • Walking armed and with rocket, heatseaker (by Afasrock)
  • Normal walking for normal men peds and player (by Linevariy and edited by Gedimas)
  • Crouch (by Linevariy)
  • Woman Stance (by Gedimas)
  • Consequence of hitting while on ground (Unknown)
  • Moving with gun backwards (Unknown)
  • Hands Up (by Gedimas)
  • Talking / Idle chat (by Gedimas)
  • Stance with chainsaw (by Gedimas)
  • Gangster stance (same as the normal men's stance) (by Gedimas)
  • Tired after sprint (edited by Gedimas)
  • Dying and falling on the ground (Unknown)
  • Running armed with rifle (AK-47, M4 etc.) (Unknown)
  • Normal ped running (almost same as default / a bit edited by Gedimas)
  • Normal ped sprinting (almost same as default / a bit edited by Gedimas)
  • Gangster walking 1 (edited by Gedimas)
  • Gangster walking 2 (edited by Gedimas)


  • Hit and kick (by Linevariy)


  • Shooting (a bit edited by Gedimas)
  • Reloading (by Gedimas)


  • Shooting and reloading (SASMod, unknown credits)


  • Shooting and epic reloading (SASMod, unknown credits)


  • Hands Up (by Gedimas)


  • Hands Up (by Gedimas)


  • Leaning and smoking (by Gedimas)
  • Put hand in the pocket and smoking (by Gedimas)
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