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P.RO.J.E.C.T. freelancer mod features are revealed!

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-Destructible Universe
-Customs Ships
-Customs Factions
-New Systems
-Added Bases
-Cruise speed of 800
-Cowish Nomad
-Battleship Encounter
-Customs Ships
-Npcs for clan factions
-Custom Guns
-Total of 80 Systems
-Colorful jump hole and jump gate tunnel effect
-Custom Engine


Clans are able to create systems, bases, factions... Destructible bases are useful for clan war...

- Credits-

Thx to the XTS team for some of the tutorial, help, encouragement and stuff:
Thx to Mancer for his shipspack
Thx to Silvik for his SW guns
Thx to IGx89, Wanderer for Ghost Docking Ring Mod
Thx to Fagu_Aegeis for his custom ENBSeries

-To be added-
-Custom Battleship for npc

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