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Short preview of the map with current progress update and a few new screenshots.

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Managed to wrap-up a new and quite large area last week, spiced up with some alien infestation. As a civil engineer, it was quite fun for me to put some of that knowledge into making "realistic" steel structures in the game. Also added some stuff to other areas - reached a point where I have to be super careful with walls, considering the planned areas I have yet to build.

Status of the map as of 2021-02-02 (resources used): 1 949/4 096 sectors, 14 572/16 384 walls, 11 247/16 384 sprites. It's quite interesting for me to keep track of how many resources I used each week, something I've never considered before!

Selection of screenshots for this week:

Mineral water tank that Duke can operate

Here's a different perspective of main transport hub - also showing a mineral water tank you will be able to operate and drink from (what, you thought Duke only drinks Jack Daniels and toilet water, didn't you?).

Some details of a ceiling under construction

The facility in the map being partially still under construction makes for some good opportunity to showcase some of engineering details - here's a structure inside one of the unfinished ceiling slabs.

Generator room

Someone had a brilliant idea for the high-pressure water pipe to cross the main power plant inside the facility - what could have gone wrong with that?

That's all for today - as always, any feedback and comments are welcome!

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