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Infomation on the Ancient species of Evolution known as the Progenitor Empire. All models that you'll see about the Progenitors is from the ASW Team. All credit goes to them.

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The following is classified level Rho. Unauthorized access is punishable by death under the Alpha Centuari security act 453.3
Overview: The Progenitors existed about 5000 years before the Anshari Republic and 5600 Years before the Andvari Empire. The Progenitors, like the Aztecs and Maya, are "ancient" in some ways and "advanced" in others.

History: Based on the current knowlage we have discovered from Progenitor artifacts show that the Progenitors were a peaceful people that have existed thousands of years ago. Based on artifacts the Progenitors most likely fell apart from an ancient enemy that they called the Demons. These "Demons" somehow put this empire into extinction. Only a few major remains have been left behind about the Ancients such as Progenitor ship wreckages in the New Eden system.

Technology: As mentioned before the Progenitors are ancient in some ways but advanced in others. The Progenitors are ancient due to their lack of shield technology however their heavy organic armor makes up for the lack of shields. The Progenitors are advanced with their ways to manipulate plasma and actualy create "natural" plasma. Also the Progenitors are capable of making intersystem jumps without the use of a slipspace gate. However this consumes a large amount of power and leaves the ship making the jump vunerable for 2 minutes as all of its systems are rebooting.

Political views and Goverment:
Culture and Socity:


you got permission for the models?

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I plan to ask this week, dont worry

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