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Let's talk about two important features of Profane: Dynamic Villages and NPC Factions. They are important pillars that will help to bring life to Semisus.

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Do you know our plans for NPC Factions and Dynamic Villages in Profane?

These are two crucial elements of the game that will bring life to Semisus and PvE activities for those that aren't really looking to pick fights with other players.

We bring these two concept arts to help illustrate what we envision for the game: a lustrous and grown village with merchants and trade, as well as some raiders bringing back their pillaged goods.
For NPC factions, it's essential to understand that different factions might share the same culture. For instance, two distinct factions might share the Portinus culture, but that doesn't necessarily mean they will share the same behavior. We plan to have their behavior generated and picked from different pre-determined patterns we'll have. So NPC factions you see will:

1️⃣ Have a culture (which determines their aesthetics and audio) and;

2️⃣) A behavior (which determines how they will act and what they will prioritize once generated in the world);
These behaviors might include a peaceful one that seeks to build settlements and farms mostly, while others might be more aggressive and look to pillage other villages around their region. 😈
It's important to mention that factions refer not only to humanoid groups but also monsters and creatures. It refers to a group of NPCs acting together. We also want players to progress on their Reputation with factions that will spawn in the world, be it in a negative (working against them) or positive way (helping them grow through Contracts).

This leads us to Dynamic Villages. Each faction will decide what kind of settlement they want to build and how and where to expand it to later. This will happen around Points of Interest. From an initial settlement, a faction might try to expand its territory. We want players to (if they wish) be able to help these settlements grow through Contracts generated by the faction according to their needs (i.e., gathering lumber so they can build a new structure). Instead of having static cities that are not affected by changes in the game, cities created by NPCs will work with this concept. These settlements can grow on their own or be evolved/destroyed by the action of players. Everything will depend on the interests of those around them. If your goal is to destroy a big NPC settlement, that will be no easy task! It may even motivate other players to prevent this endeavor, considering that it could be economically interesting to maintain that settlement safe for them.

Which sounds more appealing to you: helping them grow or destroying them? Let us know!

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