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This article presents our prison system and real estate system.

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Feature Presentation #5

Subject: Prison system & Real Estate system
Available to: Everyone
Platform: Both


The GTA 4 map proposes us a real prison, why shouldn't we exploit it at its maximum? Imagine: on one side, you'd have a faction responsible of the prison with a director and employees, and on the other side, you'd have prisoners. To make it credible, the prison will have a custom interior which is appropriate to a real life prison; cells, cafeteria, gym, chapel, etc. The general interest, for us, is to propose the player as soon as he arrives on the server to integrate the prison, but with what goal? In the case that a illegal faction's representative would be in prison, it'd be easier for a player to approach that faction in a RP context. The player that wants to integrate the prison when his character is created would have a special status and could be liberated. Regarding that illegal faction's representative, more than one player would be interested to develop a traffic in prison and recruit people for his faction. Though, the principle idea is to propose a violent roleplay to players who are willing to make their own law and commit violent acts regularly, create an ambiance that would be animated by the prisoners and the guards. In that case, there'd be two types of prisoners: those who come from outside, and those who live inside. To have such system, IV-MP must allow us to have a certain number of players and we must have a certain number of activity as well. In the meanwhile, a temporary prison center will be used.

Regarding the Real Estate system, it's all on the upcoming account panel. You'll have the opportunity to have a picture and detailed information about apartments and houses directly over there. You will be able to buy or rent them directly over the panel as well. If you wish to visit one of them, however, you're going to have to contact the agency.

Stay tuned for the next feature presentation!

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