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The game has a hand-full of features I have been working on for some time now like the crafting, Im looking to expand on that in particular but there is more to it.

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Primary Notable features (as of build 0.25a)

You need to eat? cant afford decent health items? Cook your own.
Buy purchasing or acquiring 'Ingredients' you can take them to your oven in your apartment and turn them into one of the available craft-able food items that can supplement your character during combat or just generally.
(These are just the start of the crafting system, Soon I plan on adding the ability to craft nearly all the items in the game)

Your friend Miko follow's you faithfully around the game world, She has police training and can use some of the more advanced gear, You can call her to your side or have her go home using phone booth's around the city. Miko for the moment will always be in your party but not appear to be following you unless you summon her via phone or bring her with you when leaving your apartment. You can also customize her clothes from a selection in the wardrobe in your apartment.

Who said gaming needs to be fair? It certainly wont be in the real deal, You can be the big boss against most of the enemies, Cybermancer's fight dirty and don't like you at all. So practice at the Dojo in the south district against the dojo master.

Fight crime and collect bounty or assault innocents and become a criminal yourself, Zoe is a person like any other and is subject to the full penalty of law if she goes crazy.

Unlike some other RPG Maker games, ProjectIcarus supports a basic re-spawn system which is still (as of 0.25a) being integrated into the game.

For the moment, the story is being halted, The game will focus more on the free-roaming aspect and then work in a story afterwords, For the moment the story mode only has an intro and stops at the apartment, I plan on integrating the story soon, I would rather flesh out the game and find most of the bug's, typo's and general mistakes before hand.

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