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Ready to kill, prepare to scream, this will be the most classic remoding!

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I'm sorry my English is not very good,I'm just a guy who just worked less than two years.And I'm not a man in the game development industry.But I have a crazy obsession with firearms,military history since I was very young.Thirteen years ago.I played medalofhonor:ailled assault,and captivate deeply FPS games,Medal of honor:ailled assault is one of the most classic games in my heart.So many years have passed.Games are beginning to like fast food in nowadays.Although the graphs of nowadays FPS games are getting better, but the content is getting more and more boring.

Many classic FPS games have launched a HD version mod by third-paryt game player,such as return to castle wolfenstein(2001),quake2 and3,Doom,halflife...But Medal of honor:ailled assault has no a excellent HD mod In recent I was make up my mind to make a HD mod of Medal of honor:ailled assault,Hope to reborn it.


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