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Few basic rules about the taiidani remodels: polygon count and quality control.

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Talking about the realization - the models...

The general idea is to make quite exact remakes - if there are extra details then it should look & feel as the Jon Aaron Kambeitz, the HW1 artist, has simply forgotten to put it there. All the details can be found on concepts, textures and same class vessels.

Don't forget that the model will be textured, so do not make very little details - don't go too much into modelling.

For the first time, if you're not sure in you abilities, just upgrade the original HW1 model. Only if you feel that you know that for you is easier to make new model from scratch, if you are sure you can do it and you know what you're doing - do it from scratch. But anyway all the sizes must be correct, every detail must be on it's place...

Finally, HW1 units are feets, HW2 units are meters. If you worriying that taii frigates are even smaller then H&V frigates, then think that these are like submarines - they don't even have illuminators! ))

There was said enough last time:

Someone wrote: CO-OPERATION
...uncle Sam needs You...
Also, there are few interconnected things in taii design we must think about:

1) Nozzles must look alike on all taii ships;
2) Each class drives are the same (exceptions: defence fighter, repair and salvage corvettes (light corvette and heavy corvette engines are the same, just turned to 90"), and heavy cruiser);
3) Heavy, minelayer & multigun corvettes are built on the heavy corvette chassis, so they must be done after heavy corvette is done;
4) Frigates are built on the assault chassis, so they must be done after Kudaark is done;
5) Destroyers are built on one chassis and so on;
6) Light and Heavy defenders are quite the same, only light one lacks lower gun, and it's guns are different (look at the shipyards.relicnews);
7) Taii gun and turret must be standartized;
8) Think out the color of the bay glow;
9) Remodeling is one thing, but going into too much redesign is another. (c) MatthCoFreak
10) Respect the original;

Though this is not the new taiidani ship creation thread, it would be good to remember some notes from taiidani design thread.

...according to HW2, but may vary...

  • Fighters should have 660 polys for main LOD0 mesh and 165 for goblins. 220 for LOD1, 100 for LOD2, ~25 for LOD3.
  • Corvettes - 825+825, 270-100-25 for LODs.
  • Frigates - 1320+1980, 450-150.
  • Cruiser/Carrier, seems like destroyers too - 1346+2614, 470-200.
  • Motherships and Megaliths - 1964+3812, 650-500.
  • Subsystems - 50+24 w/o LODs.
  • Resources - 300 w/o goblins and LODs.

(tnx 2DarkSentinel)

Talking about defenders, ex-salvette and repair ship - these can take corvette standards about polygon count. The other big ships - generators, science ships could use the frigate polygon count.

If you have smth to add - cmon, don't be silent!

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