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This article will summarize the basic features of this WC3 modification.

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  • A new resource: Devotion points.

    It can be obtained when you kill enemies from normal players (creeping doesn't give devotion points) This resource can be exchanged by gold or lumber, or saved to get a super unit at your command.

  • Transport units.

    This feature has been available through neutral buildings, but now these units will be trained by the player too. They not only serve as transport, they can improve a lot the micro management because they can be used to protect vulnerable units taking in advantage its high armor and resistance against attacks.

  • Item forgers.

    These special units will be trained by each player. They will have the ability to cast portable shops with items designed to improve temporary the hero units, or units in an area of effect. There are two kind of forgers, magical (Naga) and weaponry (Demons). Magical ones creates items focused in weak armies and the weaponries are focused in improve the Heroes damage and armor.

  • Semihero units (Almost done)

    These special units are the gift that you obtain from you god Sargeras for having a good and efficient army. They are called semiheroes for its skills (strength + 4 useful abilities) and they are summoned when you reach 1000 devotion points. The Nagas obtain a Naga Royal Guard and the Demons obtain a Doom Guard. Initially they have the standard abilities, but the idea is to make custom ones for them.

  • Race Attributes. (new feature)

    Each race will have a common passive ability for all the organic units which gives to them an identity. In the Naga race, the ability is called Water Essence, which gives to the Naga the ability to increase their hitpoints regeneration when they are on water; and the Demons have the Corrupted Entity ability, which gives to the demons a chance to explode and produce lesser beasts from its bodies if they reach a 10% of its max hitpoints.

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