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We're almost at 2500 downloads so let's check out some of the videos you guys made

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Hello gamers,
As promised, here are some playthroughs of "Escape from the daylight". Longer post because of videos.

First up it's "Let's play" by fellow member 1bluefur, one of our favourites too :)

Let's play by QuzesMind:

Playthrough by SeekJesus18, I believe he was the first person to post a video of "Light ending":

Last but not the least, a video by SimpanGames with a nice Swedish-English voiceover:

So, keep posting your feedback and videos, we'll be sure to check each and every one since it means so much to us. Also, don't hesitate to write a review here od Moddb, we're really interested in hearing what you think about our little mod.

No-collide Crew

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