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Summary of the Inquisitor mechanic that will be present in the GCW Campaign

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As you may know by now, this mod is a blend of Canon and Legends. I try to fit what I can with each other in a coherent and fun way, but some things ultimately conflict. One such is the rank of Grand Inquisitor in both Canon and Legends. In Canon we have the titular Grand Inquisitor, and in Legends, at first, is a man named Malorum who held the rank. Malorum died far before the Canon GI did, so you could argue I could have Malorum be the GI at tech I or II and have him just be replaced later on, but that's no fun. Therefore, the following feature will be implemented:

At the beginning of the game, Empire players will be able to make a choice. Either choose Malorum or the GI to hold the rank of Inquisitor and lead the Inquisitorius. It should be noted each person has their own unique traits and abilities, as well as who they can comprise the elite group of. If you choose the GI, then you can recruit the Canon Inquisitors (2nd Sister, 7th Sister, etc) on the planet Nur, which will serve as their base of operations.

If you choose Malorum, you can slowly recruit legends Inquisitors (Jerec, Tremayne, etc) on the planet Prakith.

Canon Inquisitors are more numerous and allow you to also recruit Purge Trooper squads, although Canon Inquisitors themselves are weaker than their legends counterparts. Choose wisely and appropriate to your situation

Regardless of your choice, at tech level 5, either Grand Inquisitor will be killed off and replaced by Ja'ce Yiaso, a Zabrak who held the rank in legends. At this point, you will be either to recruit both canon and legends Inquisitors if you haven't collected them all, as well as purge troopers, from either Nur or Prakith

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