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Introduction to the modded mechanics for the Necromancer player class.

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Eternal Lords DLC added a new player class to the game - the Necromancer. From the viewpoint of gameplay, the class combines the mana-hungry summoning strategy of Sorcerer with some powerful units available in the city, unaffected by morale. However, these special units somewhat fall out of view due to Ghoul unit property - undead variants of vanilla units with a shady texture overlay. Necromancer-specific units (maybe excluding the t4) are relegated to a somewhat auxilliary role.

The 0.5 version of the mod introduced a new mechanic for the class:

  • The Ghoul unit property was largely removed; undead cities could build only the class- or new race-specific units. In the version 0.7, these also appear in the army at the start of the game.
  • The Use Dead City property was deactivated as well: a player could choose, whether a newly conquered or otherwise gained city would become undead (having the limited choice of units fully enjoying the bonuses as undead) or staying alive (thus staying useful for non-necro heroes). This made "ghouling" of cities quite complicate; with the new 0.7 version, the conversion to undead is done by a spell, which is available from the start.
  • Still, the feature is far from an ideal state: the AI doesn't use it. The old mechanics can be reactivated simply in Package Manager/Mod Editor: navigate to Classskilldata_dlc3.rpk, choose Settings/Starting Skills/Necromancer Skill and add the "Use Dead City Properties" in the selection dialog for Properties.

Race-specific undead units are two. Both are in general cheaper, but also somewhat weaker than their living counterparts. One is a basic t1, reflecting the tactics typical for the faction, available with the basic class city upgrade (Necromancer's Tower) - of course, only in dead cities. The second unit is a stronger t3, replacing the vanilla Deathbringer, requiring the highest class upgrade (Basilica).

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  • Dwarves' basic unit is the Sphinx: shielded spearman with the same defensive stats as the basic warrior, but with a lower damage output. The t3 unit - Defiler - is similar to living city t3, but it is cheaper and does more elemental damage. Its target are especially the undead-unloving clerics, having Unholy Champion and Devout Slayer properties.

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  • Elves field a simple archer - the Wight - with slightly less HP and resistance. The t3 unit called Wraithseer is similar to other Wraiths in the vanilla: a floating melee-oriented unit with life steal. It is stronger in melee than the living Farseer, but lacks the ranged attack (but gains it with a higher veterancy!).

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  • Humans have the Fanatic as their first unit: an irregular actually stronger than the living Militia. Its ranged attack is based on blight and has a higher defence (although weaker than Spearman's). It can also evolve into Deathguard, armored melee warrior retaining the ranged attack. Human t3 unit is the Death Knight, which is weaker than living Knights, but can raise ghouls and gains a ranged attack with veterancy. All three units are the same for both Northerners and Southerners in the 0.7 version of the mod.

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  • Orc basic undead unit is the Revenant: a melee warrior with a shield and the Overwhelm ability. He does the same damage as basic living Grunt, but has less HP and resistance. The Abomination presents an undead Brute/Warbreed beast. It is weaker than other Orc t3 units from all aspects but HP and its powerful ranged attack. Its disgusting stench also weakens any melee attacker.

So, these are the vile undead creations available for Necromancer players in the Barbarian Mod 0.7, and I hope you'll enjoy the horrors you'll bring with them to the Age of Wonders!

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