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its about a Article from a great Android Mag " Playandroid" and More

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Just a small update today the playandroid Magazine put me in the news again.

I wanted to share that with the community.

Playandroid Mag

About the game:
There still some stuff to fix from the game. But i with it will be soon done.
So far a lot of testing. I glad that i got so many visitor with the new video.

Therefor i need to thank me artist Adam and the creator of this video.

Thank you for the support so far. I glad you like it.

I am thinking about a OUYA and Gamestick support. Its should be possible to support that with CocoonJs. Thank god that Ludei build a great exporter for HTML 5 to android and iOS.

PhoneJoy Play Turn your phone into a console seems to be a good product also i thinking about a support too.

I add the links on the bottom:



Phone Joy Play:

Thank you for reading, please feel free to leave some comments below.


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