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We are planning to make Circle Crash 2. There is some very cool ideas in the air and I hope we will make it even better than it is now.

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Circle Crash 2
Ultimate Crash, maybe

So, when we talking about Circle Crash 2 it will probably become HIT GAME, I promise you that. Circle Crash 2 will be based on multiplayer mod mostly. There will be singleplayer mod still, but the main hit will be multiplayer mod. We are currently learning about Bluetooth connection, so we can make co-op mod and versus mod using that. Some of main features will be:

  • Multiplayer mod:
  1. Co-op Mod: In this multiplayer type mod you and your partner need to protect center of cross of circuits from geometrical objects and you getting score together and trying to beat highscore that is currently "online"
  2. Versus Mod: In this multiplayer type mod you need to make the highest score than your opponent. You have 30 seconds, one or three minutes to collect and destroy the most geometrical objects than you can. The rules are simple. When object get in the center of your circle your score will be set on 0, oh and you can push your opponent too on the cross of circles
  • Achievements, everybody likes them
  • More customization
  • Maybe game will create it's own music
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