Features: what will be and what won't be, general guidelines & objectives of the mod.

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Mod objectives, to

keep the TS style at all costs (models, buildings, cameos)
add new units & buildings
implement RCS (Realistic Combat System)

Things that WON'T be featured in this mod for 100%!

ships & shipyards (but buildings on water can be possible)
new subfactions (there will be only GDI & Nod, and these include the subfactions w/o splitting them)
add 2 new campaigns (GDI versus the Forgotten, the Brotherhood against Nod rebels)

Possible but not on the to-do list

new additional (not replacing anything) terrains
a new main menu interface
new sidebars
small graphical upgrades of e.g. veteran icons, etc.

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Updated, 2 campaigns won't be featured in this mod.

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