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Well, It's that time again, with the latest release, comes our EWDT Showdown.. Who Will Win This Time?

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With the release of Expanded Wars - Federation Rising 1.2, Comes our little competition again. Me and Joker123 will have at it once more. I am suspecting he will be using HIS domination army while I slip away under the cover of my RSA Major Faction. This event has yet to be completely scheduled, but I will be informing you when it is, and how it turns out.

As you may recall, our last EWDT showdown was with the RSA Returns 1.3.1 Release. We both went at it with the RSA Weather General. He snuck emperor oran out and Tank Summoned my base... I lost that time, but I am hoping for a blasting victory this time... and yeah, lucas, don't come reading this thinking you will learn my little plans for you this time.. because I'm going to crush you. :)

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