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Marshall Garson, the protagonist of Perfection, had a pretty dire upbringing. Discover the reasons behind his perfectionist nature, and why he is hellbent on murder.

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Marshall was home tutored for the entire of his education, his parents running a wealthy business away from home meaning he rarely saw them. Even then they showed no signs of wanting the child, shunning him, only interested in an heir to their company. His father wanted perfect work out of him, being beaten until he learned correctly, a sure cause for his unstable perfectionist attitude. Marshall's only place to vent was with a strange boy, his childhood friend. With very little social experience, he broke down when he eventually left the house, returning to his parents to be beaten and "re-trained".

A few months later, Marshall was out running errands for his father. He had taken the car to pick up some groceries when he hit something whilst reversing into the drive way. He had hit one of the neighbours many dogs, but this wasn't something that could easily be forgiven. This dog was a particular favourite of their three year old daughter, this dog currently taking its last few breaths beneath the Garson family car. Panicking, Marshall tried to comfort the dog, tears streaming down his face with pure terror. Terror for having to make the girl next door cry, and most of all for seeing his fathers reaction. As the dog expired, Marshall begins hyperventilating, adrenalin being forced through his weak and battered body, a searing hot sensation in his head. Marshall then stopped, and placed the dog back beneath the car. Marshall was no longer crying. He no longer felt afraid. He was smiling! This was the single most exciting feeling he had ever felt, the one anomaly in Marshall's life that was not forced upon him by another. The thrill was fantastic, he couldn't help himself. He longed for more. Marshall stopped his thoughts and looked at the man who had approached the dog.

"This feeling is fantastic Marshall, but what if it was better?"

"What if the dog had died a more extravagant death?"

"What if the death was perfect?"

The man turns and walks into the house without saying another word. Still grinning, Marshall followed his friend into the house, making sure to pick up a kitchen knife before bidding his father farewell...

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