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After 11 months of no release, Eastern Front team continues to kick some new stuff for the mod :).

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Eastern Front Patch 1.70

'Red October'

Key Changes
* Overall optimizations, one of which is a complete re-work of soviet graphical side. Overall increasing in performance at least 30% (i.e. less resource (CPU/GPU/RAM) usage) while playing.
* Added soviet flags for Strategic Points and Victory Points.
* Over 150 balance changes
* New maps added and almost 100 improvements on old maps.
* Improved AI code.

* Fixed the issue of the endless command points earned.
* Command Trees now show the correct reward unit in the tree if enabled.
* Applied Cel├ęstial & AGameAnx fix for infantry jumping out of cover.

* These are just some of the art changes
* All wrong shaders fixed for Eastern Front models.
* 90% of mix models hidden in state instead of alpha causing huge fps increases & less memory usage.
* T34 series & SU series now have wider treads.
* SU series, T34 series have fixed death states.
* SU76 has now all it's animations fixed. Death state fixed. All textures fixed.
* All soviet textures resized to 50% of their previous size and 90% of soviet normal map textures replaced or repaired. Doing away with previously blotchy models.
* All incorrect soviet occlusion textures repaired or replaced.
* All incorrect soviet specular or gloss textures repaired or replaced
* All incrorrect soviet diffuse alpha channels repaired or replaced.
* The same goes for all current commonwealth Allies Axis and PE textures.
* M15A1 replaced with correctly working model with correct textures and alphas and lighting etc.
* JPIV Alkette replaced with correctly working model with correct textures and alphas and lighting etc.
* M15A1 replaced with correctly working model with correct textures and alphas and lighting etc.
* Added new 300mm rocket projectile model for arty barrages.
* Added new Katyusha projectile model for Katyusha barrages.
* Added new soviet small weapons: Mosin Nagant, PPSH41, SVT40, DP28(Courtesy of eliwood and inukshuk).
* Added new ROKS3 flamethrower.
* Added fx for ISU152 projectile.
* Added new fx to soviet Heavy Mortar.
* Added new fx to soviet God of War.
* Added new emplacement models for Outpost and Firebase.
* Lowered resolution of custom backgrounds screens.
* Lowered resolution of custom loading screens.
* Fixed AT grenade being always visible.
* Updated several soviets UI elements.
* Redid hat models for most Soviets.

* 2p_demyansk.sga:
- Added
* 2p_elbing.sga:
- Added (formerly known as Argentan Crossroads)
- updated minimap
- new loading screen
- deleted
- updated minimap
- new loading screen
- updated loading screen (new EF logo)
- moved two points
- added passage trough a fence
- removed one hay stack
- updated loading screen (new EF logo)
- minor sector layout adjustments
- added a passage to the small farm in the West of the map
- Added holes to the fences
- Added destruction to church
- Removed three houses
- Changed atmosphere settings
- Removed dead American soldiers in the pond
- Updated minimap
- added plane wreck on southern field
- enlarged base sectors
- fixed minimap
- new loading screen
- slight sector layout adjustments
- updated loading screen (new EF logo)
- added
- updated loading screen (new EF logo)
- added
- updated loading screen (new EF logo)
- Removed unnecassary decals for tank traps which don't exist anymore
- Replaced salvageable Panther by map_object Panther
- updated loading screen (new EF logo)
- removed a barn north of the central pond
- added cover to the eastern part of the main road
- removed cant_build markers in the bases
- minor sector layout adjustments
- removed water in the middle sector of the channel so it becomes passable
- lowered water level in pond and channel
- added a truck to the pond to work as cover
- updated minimap without cover/speed penalties
- updated loading screen (new EF logo)
- Fixed map_base/map_slots problem
- deleted
- new loading screen
- updated loading screen (new EF logo)
- updated minimap
- new loading screen
- updated loading screen (new EF logo)
- Exchanged old version by Lord van Dalen's wintermap conversion
- updated loading screen (new EF logo)
- updated loading screen (new EF logo)
- Fixed file path error for Jagdtiger wreck
- updated loading screen (new EF logo)
- deleted two houses south of the west-eastern road axis
- replaced deleted houses by appropriate decoration
- added two houses near the rivers in the north-west
- Removed two trenches and replaced them with T-34 map_objects
- Moved a house
- updated minimap
- removed due to major design flaws and inacceptable quality
- new loading screen
- updated loading screen (new EF logo)
- Deleted a car blocking a pathway on the north side of the river
- Cleared some ruins in order to improve pathfinding
- Modified and improved ruins on the north side of the river
- added
- updated loading screen (new EF logo)
*Added dead milky cow model courtesy of VanAdrian and many more map objects.

Soviet Army
* Added Supervision ability to Mechanics. They can now supervise the Tank Hall to improve production and discount 20MP 10FU from the price of all vehicles, at the cost of 30MU.
* Tank Rider T-34 call-in removed. Instead, added passive ability for infantry to ride all T-34s
* Conscripts, Strelky, Guards, Tank Hunters and Mechanics can now ride T34s
* Swapped Tank Rider and SU-85 position on the command tree
* Set Breakthrough CP costs to 1-3-3 LHS, 2-2-5 RHS
* KV-1 is now a reward unit for the SU-85 in Breakthrough doctrine, rather than replacing T-34s. KV-85 removed for now.
* Set accuracy of KV1 main gun to: Short: 1.0; Medium: 0.6; long/distant: 0.75
* KV1 speed reduced to 3.75
* SU85 reload time set to 5.5
* SU85 long/distant accuracy set to 0.75
* SU85 penetration vs panther/skirted panther set to 0.6/0.5
* SU85 dmg vs panther set to 1.15
* Removed bonuses from SU85 cage armour vs tanks
* Increased accuracy of ISU152 barrage by 0.2 at each vet level
* ISU152 penetration vs KT now matches Tiger
* ISU152 now stuns armoured targets for 1.5s with every shot
* Reduced reload of ISU152 to 11sec
* ISU152 dmg vs KT raised to 1.3
* Added coax to IS3 as originally planned
* Lowered IS-3 AoE stats to match KT
* Lowered IS-3 accuracy vs infantry
* IS-3 HP set to 1300
* IS-3 now has elite tank criticals
* Reduced the effectiveness of IS-3 armour by improving the damage modifiers of Shreks, Paks and Medium/Heavy Axis vehicles against it
* Replaced IL-2 rocket attacks with PTAB cluster bombs
* Lowered IL-2 Strafe accuracy vs infantry, regular and sniper armour to 0.35, and vs soldier to 0.5
* Urban Combat Tree now requires 2-1-4 for LHS & 1-2-3 for RHS
* Swapped Street Fighting and For the Motherland positions on the command tree
* Street Figthing now unlocks phosphorus grenades for Strelky and one flamer for Ingenery. To unlock the second one it needs Sturmovie upgrade.
* Sturmovie Ingenery no longer get double flamer
* Ingenery now gets double flamers, but they are purchased one at time instead of both
* FTML now has five seconds of sprint at the beginning of the ability
* Set Population-cost of Sniper Ace from 4 to 6 (so 2x normal Sniper-Pop-cost)
* Sniper Ace call-in now costs 550MP
* Sniper Ace supression shot range increased from 30 to 40
* Improvements to One Man Army ability reload and cooldown time
* Sniper Ace now comes always camo'ed
* Removed arty from Sniper Ace
* Sniper Ace vet abilities are now as follow: Concealing Smoke (vet1), Suppressing Shot (vet2), One Man Army (vet3)
* Flare is now first upgrade on RHS and costs 1CP
* Partisans are now second upgrade on RHS and costs 2CP
* Partisans can now throw frag grenades
* Partisan no longer have the incendiary trap
* Fixed bug that let any unit detect Partisans miles away from them
* Removed flare debuff for friendly units, raise cost to 50MU
* Flare debuff for enemy units increased from 1.15 damage to 1.2 damage
* Lowered damage modifiers of KV2 vs all infantry type targets to 0.5
* KV2 now will have priority vs Buildings and Infantry rather than tanks
* Tweaked splash range for KV2 and SU122
* Increased damage of SU122 against buildings to match StuH
* Lowered GoW CP cost by 1
* Lowered GoW cost to 200MU
* Fixed an issue with enemies seeing the target circle of GoW
* Set NKVD commissar to be population neutral as conscripts are (reduces pop cost of the Red Tide ability by 2)
* Fixed Red Tide requirements so that Guards now correctly require both a Tank Hall upgrade AND a SSB upgrade.
* Fixed Red Tide bug that sometimes let you call-in the ability twice without cooldown
* OBR. 1927 range increased to 75 and vet stats tweaked to give +5 range at each level, rather than a solid +20 at vet 2.

* Increased Sturmovie reinfocement to 50MP
* Fixed issue where sturmovie sometimes didn't get an smg when reinforcing
* Changed Ingenery upgrades to provide received damage bonuses instead of health bonus to fix some bugs. Minesweeper and (each) flamer upgrade provides 0.7 rec damage, Assault Gear provides 0.4 rec damage.
* Lowered CS PPS-43 dmg vs Soldier from 0.6 to 0.5
* Inspired Speech now lowers the CS detection range to 10

Red Army Mustering Tent
* Added VPGS anti-vehicle rifle grenade to Strelky, which stuns enemy vehicles for a brief time
* Added x4 suppression bonus for DP-28 Strelky's Hold Ground ability and added some suppression to base weapon. It should now lightly suppress while using the ability.
* Removed/moved PPS-43 upgrade from Shock Guards and set requirements to Tank Riders in Breakthrough doctrine instead
* Fixed Guards being unable to enter trenches
* Reduced damage modifier of Guards grenade vs. soldier armor to 0.7
* Lowered Guard SVT damage vs 22x and 250 vehicles from 1 to 0.6
* Reduced Shock Guard DP-28 moving accuracy from 0.5 to 0.4
* Tweaked Guard Vet 3 bonus to provide strong resistance to suppression, rather than immunity
* Increased conscript damage vs Elite armour to 0.9 and Heroic armour to 0.85
* Fixed conscript molotov throwing to be more reliable
* Lowered research time of molotovs to 40s
* Increased cost of molotovs to 15MU

Soviet Support Barracks
* Reshuffled SSB upgrades into Weapon Team Support with ZiS-2 and Mortars, and Infantry Support with Snipers and Tank Hunters
* Removed Mustering Tent requirement from ZiS-5 Medic Truck
* Reduced ZiS-5 cost to 150MP 15FU
* Split Sniper and Observer Team into separate units
* Observer Team require SSB only, Sniper requires the Infantry Support unlock
* Set Observer Team cost to 220MP
* Set Observer Team reinforcement cost to 35MP
* Set capture rate for the Observer Team to 1
* Changed Observer criticals to Heroic
* Observer Team active and passive abilities are now removed(except for Concealing Smoke)
* Observer Team now has a flare ability which costs 35MU and reveals fog and stealthed units within a small radius
* Set Observer Team arty cost to 125
* Tank Hunters now will cloak only in green cover
* Upkeep of Tank Hunters lowered to 0.0035
* Fixed Soviet Sniper priority vs Axis Sniper
* Set impact effect of Heavy Mortar to 25 Pounder
* Heavy Mortar barrage ability's cooldown reduced to 6 to match auto-attack

Russian Tank Hall
* T34/76 cost set to 380MP 80FU
* Lowered T34/76 health to 636HP
* Increased T34/76 accuracy modifier vs all infantry targets to 1.0
* Removed hull mg from IS2, because the IS2 does not have a hull mg
* Increased IS-2 accuracy vs Tiger armour to 1.2

* Rearranged layout of Armoury upgrades
* Gunnery veterans now gives an extra crew member to ZiS-2 crews, instead of vet 2
* Changed cost for Veteran Gunners: 150MP 35FU
* Changed cost for MAT: 150MP 35FU
* Removed health buff for ALL guards when Shock Guard upgrade is purchased
* Moved Full Rifles from Urban doctrine to the Weapon Reserves upgrade. Set cost to 30MU.

* Changed Soviet Firebase requirements to any SSB upgrade AND the Tank Hall
* Changed Soviet Firebase cost to 400MP 60FU
* Increased health of Soviet firebase crew from 50HP to 70HP
* Increased the duration of smoke from NI and Guards to match those produced by mortars (from 20s to 30s)
* Fixed incorrect values for PTRD damage and penetration vs skirted vehicles (included Naval Infantry PTRD as well)
* Increased PTRD accuracy vs Pumas from 0.9 to 1.0, damage vs Pumas from 1.0 to 1.1, and ranges to 10/20/40 (including Navals PTRD)
* Changed PTRD (and NI) penetration mod vs bunkers to 3. Changed damage mod to 0.75
* Soviet MG nest now costs 200MP 15FU 0pop
* Set guard and partisan nade damage to 50
* Increased AT nade damage vs Panthers/skirted Panthers to 1.5/1.25
* Increased AT nade damage vs tiger and king tiger to 1.25
* Weapon Crew members now have 20hp more

* Tiger Ace health increased to 1500hp
* Fixed some penetration bugs with the Tiger Ace crack shot
* Fixed Inspired Assault ability
* Set Pak38 penetration vs KV1 to match Churchill.
* Increased dmg of Panzerschrecks & PaK 38 against IS3 to 0.9.
* Increased penetration of Schreck against KV1 armor to match Churchill armor.
* Added the following changes to StuG IV gun:
- Set penetration vs. T34/76 to 0.75.
- Set penetration vs. T34/85 to 0.6375.
- Set penetration vs. KV armor to 0.5804.
- Set damage vs. KV armor to 1.2
- Set damage vs. SU85 to 1.3
- Set penetration vs. SU85 to 0.65
* Set penetration modifier of Panther gun vs. KV1 armor to 0.84675
* Set penetration modifier of Ostwind vs armor to:
- KV1: 0.00075
- T34/85: 0.00085
- T34/76: 0.0009
* Switched penetration modifier of WH Panzer IV gun vs. KV1 and T34/85 armor
* Lowered LMG42 accuracy vs Sturmovie to 0.85
* Added HMG42 from the Community Model Project
* Normalized dmg from pak 38 vs SU85 cage armour
* Panzerfaust penetration vs SU85 cage armour set to 0.75
* Tiger gun penetration vs ISU-152 now matches Panther

Panzer Elite
* Fixed wrong "ghost" for skdfz. 223 when using set up ability
* Fixed issue that prevented IS-2 being treadbroken by ATHT
* Fixed engine hatches glitch for the units based upon the Sdkfz. 250
* Increased dmg of Panzerschrecks against IS3 to 0.9
* Increased penetration of Schreck against KV1 armor to match Churchill armor
* Set penetration modifier of Panther gun vs. KV1 armor to 0.84675

* Fixed missing MG for Staghound

Royal Marine Commandos
* HQ trucks can no longer pack up, meaning they cannot move once a location is chosen for them
* Brit trucks no longer secure sectors when they are parked
* Secured Resourcing upgrade on trucks now allows you to secure sectors
* Added new Field Support and Heavy Support upgrades to HQ truck as part of teching
* RMC teching costs are now as follows:
- T2 SAS Glider - 30FU
- Field Support upgrade - 35FU
- Heavy Support upgrade - 55FU
- T3 Field Support Truck - 40FU
- T4 Armour Truck - 65FU
* Heavy emplacements (BOFORs, 17lber, 25lber) now require Field or Heavy Support upgrade
* Field Support Truck requires Field Support upgrade
* Armour Truck requires Heavy Support upgrade
* Marines only receive one Bren or Rifle Grenade when upgraded
* Marines granted an additional Bren or Rifle Grenade after researching Field or Heavy Support
* Added Barbed Wire to Marine Sections
* Sappers now upgrade with 2 Boys AT rifles instead of the PIATs by default. Stats are based on the Soviet PTRD-41
* Sappers are upgraded from Boys rifles to PIATs after researching Field or Heavy Support
* Sappers cannot Ambush with Boys rifles, only with PIATs
* Sappers can now build Tank Traps
* Moved Mortar Pit construction to Sappers
* Lowered cost of Demo and Disposal upgrade on Sappers from 50MU to 35MU
* Lieutenant and Captain costs set to match Commonwealth counterparts
* Removed Daimler Armoured Car
* Removed Recon Jeeps
* Recoilless Rifle Jeeps now only have a squad size of 1
* Set cost of RR Jeeps to 175MP 10FU
* RR Jeeps now provide and receive vet from LTs and CPTs instead of Command Tanks
* SAS Raiders now have De Lisle carbines by default and must upgrade with Thompsons for 75MU
* Added Kangaroo Carrier to Field Support Truck
* Lowered RMC Kangaroo health from 550 to 425
* Cost of RMC Kang set to 240MP 45FU
* Removed possibility for main gun destroyed criticals on RMC Kang
* Added Crusader tank to Field Support Truck
* Moved Achilles to Armour Truck
* Cromwell Command Tank removed
* Command Tank upgrade added to Cromwell (limit of 1)
* Fixed bug that didn't allow Commandos to retreat to RMC Captains

* Removed Sherman Jumbo


Very nice changes. :) There's one really (as in, really) minor thing that's bugging me though regarding this change: "* Set accuracy of KV1 main gun to: Short: 1.0; Medium: 0.6; long/distant: 0.75:

Why is the KV-1's main gun more accurate at long range than at medium range? Or is that just a typo? Lol. XD

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I guess this is set to tweak damage on AT squads as they tend to fire their schreks at mid ranges. Also '* Set impact effect of Heavy Mortar to 25 Pounder'? Impact effect how? As animation, as AoE or as weapon stats, if the latter, isn't that a bit of an over-buff?

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blackbishop Author

About KV1, that is a mistake XD... thanks for pointing it out.

Heavy Mortar shell now has the same fx than 25 pounder.

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Sherman jumbo D: noooooooooooooo

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