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The Introduction of GDI Infantry, Vehicles and Aircrafts.

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Well, most of it is copied from Tiberian Sun.
Suggestions are welcomed.

GDI Soliders :

Light Infantry

Basic Infantry.

Disc Thrower

Almighty infantry, throwing discs to cause damage.


Heal other infantry, of course self heal, too.


Rob enemy vehicles for us, have an amazing speed.


GDI flying infantry. Beacuse of enemy's weak AA defense, it is very effective in battle.

Zone trooper

#Not done yet#

Ghost Stalker

Hero infantry, his railgun can destroy vehicles, infantry and structures easily.

GDI Vehicles :


This unit is used to gather Tiberium, now it is same as Nod's.
Hero vehicle armor.


GDI main battle mech , heavy vehicle armor. Commanders use its AP cannon to destroy enemy's vehicles and buildings.


GDI anti-infantry mech, cheap and high-speed. It has a double-barrele machine gun and a little poor armor.

Amphibious APC

Amphibious infantry transporter with a machine gun. The 5 soliders in it can attack outside.

Hover MLRS

High speed AA vehicle, Radar is needed to build it. Same as its in Tiberian Sun, but missiles launched are more effective to building and vehicles.

Mammoth M.K.II

Hero armored unit in Skirmish Mode, Tech Center is needed to build it.
It can hold up amounts of damages with is hero vehicle armor, using its railgun and missile to clear the battlefield


Mixed with Titan, supported by Mammoth M.K.II and Wolverine, with its Sonic Wave, Disruptors fight against Nod forces, and to make its more effective, we have removed its friendly fire.


GDI suppression Vehicle. Triple mounting and long-range cannon makes GDI forces have a powerful protect from Nod Artillery.


Deploy it to own a Construction Yard.

GDI Air Force :

Orca Fighter

GDI high speed support aircraft. Two AP ammo can kill most of vehicles,

Orca Bomber

Bomber using large acreage damage warhead, effective against nearly all of ground forces.


Bomber using point damage warhead with EMP effect, effective against nearly all of ground forces.

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