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The theme park simulation game Parkitect has received mod support powered by!

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Parkitect, a theme park business simulator with 8 player online co-op now features modding support powered by Read on to learn more about Parkitect and how will support a new set of community creators!

Parkitect is the debut game of Texel Raptor, a duo-based indie development group, and came out in late 2018. Harking back to the theme park and rollercoaster business simulators of the past, Parkitect puts special emphasis on player creativity and creating a wide suite of available tools for players to run their perfect entertainment oasis.

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In Parkitect, theme park layout, design, and aesthetic is all down to the player

As the name implies, players will be in charge of their own theme park, micromanaging every element of an entertainment centre's features. Seventy rollercoaster archetypes from around the world are available to use a basis, with particularly creative (and competent!) players able to reinvent the wheel a little in finding a new golden goose for their park. Finances also have to be kept track of, as at the end of the day, the money's got to come from somewhere.

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Inspired by a wide variety of famous theme park rides from across the
world, you'll have plenty of options to remake your favourite experiences in Parkitect

Such creativity naturally begets lots of unique content from playthrough to playthrough, and the room for further expansion. That's why modding support was designed for Parkitect, initially available only through the Steam Workshop but now, thanks to, modding support is truly cross-platform and allows players on other storefronts - like the Epic Games Store or GOG - to access the full breadth of player-made content.

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The room for individual creativity, within the boundaries of acceptable finances in-game, is massive

Players will be able to share many different types of content, from structures made in-game to innovative rollercoaster designs to brand new assets to spice up your park. 21 items have already appeared on to expand the options available for players, with a few Star Wars-themed items, for example, setting the groundwork for your own take on a theme park far far away.

Image 1

Players are given lots of technical information to gauge rider enjoyment
and decide the best way to follow through with a whacky new coaster

Sitting at Very Positive on Steam with glowing recommendations from sources such as Destructoid, Eurogamer, and Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Parkitect certainly made a splash in the theme park simulation genre, and regular updates since launch mean more capacity for player engagement is always on the cards. You can check out more mods for Parkitect over on here.

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