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This article presents new features of Paradigm Worlds: We, the Creatures! mod for MB:Warband. FEATURES CATEGORY: FACTIONS' INTERNAL POLITICS.

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we the creatures mini LOGOThis article presents new features of Paradigm Worlds: We, the Creatures! mod for MB:Warband. FEATURES CATEGORY: FACTIONS' INTERNAL POLITICS


  • Paradigm Worlds: We, the Creatures! - introduces new concepts:
    • NATION - means the same as Faction. It consists of:
    • NATIONAL ARMIES - these are armies led by lords, or noble creatures
    • CORE POPULATION - each center [town, castle, village] - has 2 types of citizens, those who live in the center, and those who just play support role. CORE POPULATION are citizens inhabiting center. They are expected to pay 5 dinars per head weekly of common tax.
    • LOYAL CITIZENS - are creatures, who do not live inside center, but do trade, supply, or work with it. Loyal citizens may be tribals living in wild, who come to a center from time to time. What is important, these creatures, consider themselves part of NATION and approve its laws, policy etc. They pay 1 dinar weekly per head of common tax.

We, the Creatures!

  • More generous TAX system - Depending on center wealth, trade tariffs and population common tax
  • Walled centers [towns, castles] HAPPINESS system. Each center, every week evaluates its relation to liege, lord, in general - to the owner. There are several factors that improve or decrease relation like:
    • wealth - towns or castles in good financial condition, with rich creatures are happy, and vice versa - bad material condition makes creatures upset
    • garrison - creatures pay taxes to feel safe, they want to see strong center defense in a good shape
    • buildings - creatures need culture and laws to peacefully develop their small homelands
    • health level - disease, sickness upset creatures
  • Center Happiness may range from -100 to 100. If center Happiness drops below -80, creatures may REVOLT. Using new system creature military power evaluation system game checks if GARRISON is strong enough to hold center in peace. (If you are a town owner, you can always check it in [Manage this town/castle] menu).
    • Revolt - center citizens renounce the oath to current lord/faction and ask for protection foreign power

New Notes - We, the Creatures! - Paradigm Worlds

  • PLAGUE MECHANIC - from beginning of Paradigm Worlds, they were mentioned many times, but never before had any effect - viral storms. They may attack any center or party.
    • Centers:
      • Plague may have levels 1-15 where 1 is minor sickness and 15 is most serious situation where citizens are dying
      • Each week there is a chance center will be attacked, and each week there is a chance rest of center population will become immune
      • If Plague reaches critical value (level 15 or more) dark event takes place. Disease decimates local garrison, making center defenseless. This event has many other severe consequences: some most valuable core population will pass away, same loyal citizens. Crisis is so severe that town or castle economy bankrupts and center 'account' in rents and tariffs is being set to -50000 dinars. That means that any center will need some time to recover, before it will start bring some profits again.
    • Parties:
      • armies may be attacked as well and all rules apply to them in a same way, weekly
      • player army may be attacked too, that is also why in CAMP menu there is a new option FIELD HOSPITAL
      • Field Hospital may be used in many ways, also as a way to cure sickness in your own army by creating aspirin to slow down or antibiotics to remove disease for good
  • New buildings:
    • HOSPITAL - may be built in towns. It decreases chance of plague in center and enhances skills of SPECIAL TROOPS: Medicine doctors.
    • COLLEGE - symbol of true power of any towns, and nation. Faction that is able to teach its creatures in new science, technology, that is able to fund archaeology expeditions - can improve itself, and life of it's citizens. Makes creatures happy too.

We, the Creatures - specialists

  • SPECIAL TROOPS - these are most educated of your citizens. In towns, where culture and science growth has place, they might be recruited straight from Guild Masters. You can learn about all details by talking to them about [politics].

    • SPECIALISTS are civilians, however they appear in center as a civilian troop in the garrison, which means they may be 'transported' by player for instance from town to a castle.
    • Medicine doctors - they are a lot more effective when there is hospital in the town. Each troop affects general health of town by improving citizens immunity [and lowering risk of attack, or improving chance for gaining immunity]
    • Specialist Merchant - improve center prosperity
    • Professor - teaches other creatures and [promotes] them higher in society
    • Immigration officer - is a creature whose responsibility is to deal with newcomers. It is tourist info and work agency in one, generally helps fresh citizens to find their place in modern town-life
    • Drillmaster sergeant - improves quality of garrison, each creature improves chance to double weekly fresh recruit amount in center
    • Artist - they entertain other creatures, but also help them improve their spiritual life

This article is a part of main presentation of Paradigm Worlds: We, the creatures!



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A bunch of cities (including some of mine) are stuck in a loop of constantly losing all troops in garrison to plague. The plague mechanic is a little too harsh and there is no easy way to combat the plague other than the doctors/hospital. I think it needs a bit of tweaking but other than that all these new mechanics are awesome.

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karolgrodecki Author

Hi! Thanks for suggestions! I agree - plagues need tweaking.

For starters I will reduce garrison attrition, later I will try to give lords or towns ability to hire specialists or to build improvements.

If you have any other ideas/suggestion...?

I was afraid that making plagues too easy to fight will deny their sense as a mechanic.

It was supposed to shift balance from pure conquer to conquer-and-hold.

I mean it is 'easy' to conquer half of the world like Alexander the Great, but the trick is to hold new lands so they become stable, core province. See Lois XIV / Cardinal Richelieu - slowly, step by step grinding internal resistance (crushing La Rochelle for instance).

Also, in 'our' reality, there are countries so powerful, at least military wise, that the only way to winning - hypothetical - conflict with them is triggering revolt, revolution or deadly crisis. It is VERY interesting political situation, which previously had happened to Russia and later to Soviet Union for instance. [Napoleon couldn't beat Empire of Russia, but October Revolt and bolsheviks did the job. Hitler and his generals failed to conquer Soviet Union, but world's economy and military race with US 50 years later put an end to communism].

So plagues are supposed to be destabilization element, and player has quite some tools to keep peace at his backyard. Hospitals, medics. Player can re-deploy garrison fast - he has own army, may send companions on recruiting missions to get troops fast, player may recruit a lot more troops in taverns, player may recruit troops a lot more in numbers - if he has a high [luck] skill.
So player has an interesting dilemma: which can be described as QUALITY or NUMBERS. 'Do I want to have less, but stable and prosperous centers or I should focus on conquering more centers than my enemies to win war?' - this kind of decision has to be made.

So I think that what really needs improving is NPC-side of acting to issues with health and stability.

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You are right I have been playing with it a bit and I understand it a bit more now and I like how it works. The main problem seems to just be with NPCs not knowing how to handle it and too many cities being overwhelmed. On a side note all of the order troops (Digital Legion, Crimson Brothers, etc) I attack with my melee weapons are always taking only 80-85 damage exactly no matter what my Combat Skills are. Are they bugged? Or are they just programmed to only take that much damage so they are hard to kill? Also I can't craft the power-field armor after collecting the items needed and reading the book, not sure why. Thanks for responding and making this awesome mod! Been playing for like 4 days straight now.

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karolgrodecki Author

In a part it is my fault - not understanding - cause article about that is still in production, so it was not officially explained.

NPC. Thing is I have solution, I had it long time ago. Idea is so each lord periodically can take action. Offensive, defensive, economic - one type. So he should check his status, state of his centers [castles, towns] and then make a decision which action take - for example 'deal with plague in X' or 'double recruitment in Y'. Now I want it to be at least partially affected by REPUTATION, (martial, goodnatured, debauched and so on) - it is do-able but it will take time. I work on mod after my official job, so it is two weeks at least to make it and another to tweak/test.
On the other hand NPC have a lot easier in some other situations. They start with good stats, and have lot of 'super-weapons' and super-powers. So they are not on a lost positions, especially if you take into consideration, that they got nice money from their fiefs now.

Also ORDERS have been made little more powerful.
During developing process new items that have been made for various groups become more and more powerful, and order items - still very good - become little old that way. So there was a new need to explain high cost and 'elite' legend for them.
Then there were 2 options - not excluding themselves:
1. lower price for order interaction - and here we are - you can go to any order diplomat and BUY order license for 10000 gold and 300 renown, or something like that.
2. make them unique. So: their ranged troops are immune to morale loss during hand-to-hand combat and they have resistance to damage - they get [66%] of 'original' damage, but there is also max damage cap [90]. This explains why damage is reduced from Your side.

New resistance is also added to kings [25%], lords [reduce to 30%], bosses [25%] and Ketele [12,5%] herself - they do not have any max-damage cap.#

Power-armor: my bad. There are two different helmets with same name: Pirate Juggernaut Helm, eh, now let me show you what you need ->

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Wow thanks so much for this response. Everything makes a lot more sense now. The solution you proposed for the npcs sounds cool, really makes the world feel more alive. That's awesome how you are working on this and your job, take a break from the mod if you need it man. Hopefully my feedback was helpful and thanks again for making this awesome mod!

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