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When thoughts take a physical form, and can act on their own.

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Paladins, as the only side, make use of a special kind of units - thoughtforms - which are pieces of art of their own. All thoughtforms are based on some archetype that deeply affected its creator (for example, Solar is based on a sci-fi fighter aircraft archetype). They are created through accumulating and reshaping the crystals in energy form, and when this mentally exhausting process ends, a new thoughtform is ready to serve its creator in any way he or she demands.

Thoughtforms aren't life forms on their own, but something like an expansion of their creator's being. They posses the same knowledge about the surroundings (sometimes to the point of sharing their sight), consider same objects as enemies, and never do what their creator wouldn't do. All this while being completely immune to any harmful effects that work on living beings or machines. However, they are still physical, which means that although they can affect the surroundings, they can also be destroyed, just like any other physical object can.

The biggest, and probably the only, downside of thoughtforms is that when the bond their creator shares with them is broken, they become idle, and ignore everything that happens around them.
Sometimes, focusing on something else is enough for that to happen. Other times, not even loosing consciousness will make them stop.
In rare occasions, though, when they are fueled with enough determination, they won't stop from doing what they were made to, even if long time has passed since their creator's death. They might even become fixed on what appears to be a mission to avenge their maker.

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Alucinors accumulating crystals and using them to create a Solar.

Most important in thoughtform creation process are the Alucinors. Those are mobile platforms that allow Paladins to create thoughtforms anywhere they need. They are also able to sustain thoughtforms while they are deployed, but if they are to undeploy, or become disabled, the link is broken. While deployed, each Alucinor retains its Phase Out ability, but using it will make it unable to gather crystals, neither create or control thoughtforms.


Wow, amazing work! One of the best games you could create a mod for.

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