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What my first attempt at modding SWBF2: Overgrown Geonosis, will feature at the least.

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My first attempt at modding, Overgrown Geonosis.
Story: Geonosis has been affected by an unknown plague causing the deaths of all of the Geonosians. Now the Republic/Rebels battle the CIS/Empire for control of the planet, to figure out the cause of this mystery.

What Overgrown Geonosis is: This map is the stock Geonosis map but with forest type elements. Eg: Trees, grass, bushes. The map will also feature 1 or 2 new Command Posts around just to mix things up

Heroes: Overgrown Geonosis will feature a few custom hero units and a few stock ones.

The Heroes are:

Republic: Obi-Wan Kenobi(Beta 0.2 release). In the next release: Even Piell made by MandeRek
CIS: A custom TCW Darth Maul made by Nedarb7
Rebels: Han Solo in a Stormtrooper disguise(Beta 0.2 release). In the next release: Commander Orre
Empire: Darth Vader(Beta 0.2 release). In the next release: Han Solo in Stormtrooper disguise

Custom Sides: Nothing is completed for custom sides as of yet, but I hope to add the 212th legion for the Republic in the future.

Republic vs Empire: Coming in a future update. Work has started on this feature and I have uploaded screenshots of it. It will feature some units from the Kamino campaign mission in the SWBF2 campaign.

Other Maps: After Overgrown Geonosis I plan on making a desert Hoth map featuring Tusken Raiders and more.

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