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Wondering if I should continue developing the over-the-shoulder view I added in the latest update or not.

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So I used this article to create an over-the-shoulder view to replace the vanilla third person view. There's a problem though:

I'm using Source 2013 MP.

This tutorial was for Source 2007, also known as the Orange Box engine.

See the difference?

However, I managed to get at least most of it working as intended. There's still some bugs and minor missing features, but it still looks awesome.

Though I'm asking myself one question: Does this fit in the mod? It is definitely an improvement over the vanilla third person, but should people even be in third person view?

To be honest, this mod is kind of just an experimental playground for me, but I still need to think about the goal and audience of it.

This update also includes a bunch of other changes such as:

  • Updated movement and more movement ConVars to mess around with
  • A combine ball alt-fire to the Pulse Shotgun
  • Adding the SLAM to the Combine loadout
  • Fixing the inconsistencies with the loadout system
  • Removing burst fire from the Autopistol (thank god)

and more stuff that is covered in the readme of the update.

So yeah. Try out the new update (once it comes out). It might be worth your time to mess around with it for 5 minutes, IDK.

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