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A preview of some playable and NPC OMDF skins included for the F/A-18F, F-14D, and F-35C.

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VFA-506 "Golems" AB300 Color Bird

Replacing playable SP3 skin, includes custom MREC

20191107115749 1

VFA-506 "Golems" AB315

Replacing playable Mage skin

20200110211035 1

VFA-506 "Golems" NPCs

All Golem NPCs skinned with unique modexes, color bird for Knocker

20191026185414 1

VF-616 "Gargoyles" AB215

Replacing playable Mage skin

20200110212803 2

VF-616 "Gargoyles" AB207

Replacing generic friendly F-14D NPCs

20191026190810 1

VFA-285 "Salamanders" KT415

Replacing playable Mage skin and friendly F-35C NPCs

20191101222236 1

VFA-285 "Salamanders" KT415 (Trigger Tail Art)

Replacing playable Strider skin

20200110213444 2

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