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Orks unit list. "GreenSkins , tought I smell something". "'I knew 2day is go'in 2 b spezial"

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  1. Gretchin Squad;
  2. Slugga Boy Squad;
  3. Mad Dok;
  4. Warboss;
  5. Mega Amored Nobz;
  6. Shoota Boy Squad;
  7. Stormboyz Squad;
  8. Nob Squad;
  9. Big Mek;
  10. Flash Gitz;
  11. 'Ard Boy;
  12. Tankbustaz Squad;
  13. Wartrukk;
  14. Killa Kan;
  15. Wartrak;
  16. Fighta Bomma;
  17. Looted Tank;
  18. Squiggoth.

Sooo, Ard boyz are the only addition as far as I see. Hope to see more from the Orksez in the future. :)

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TommySS111 Author

more units will come later, at the momment we're focusing in bug fixes and minor tweaks.

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