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Take a short look at the soundtrack and the effort gone to produce catchy atmospheric pieces of music!

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It's been 2.5 years since any major development has been done on this project, and I restarted my previously futile efforts to create good, catchy music for How Far Can You Go?

After working on some more design on the atmosphere of the game, I've designed many different BGMs (Background Music(s)) for the game, and most all of the tracks fit their respective titles very well.

Although my efforts aren't at their max and the music isn't completely finalized, you can grab a taste of what some of the pieces will sound like (in their rough form) in the link below. Not every track has been completed, but a majority of the songs for the worlds have been done!

The game will officially release on June 20th, 2016, so the soundtrack release has also been set as the same date - However, I'm planning to release the official soundtrack at the end of this year. This will be to help others get into the hang of the music before the final release of ...How Far Can You Go?

Any comments on the music, or title selection for anything? Post a comment below if you'd please!

Thank you for your time, I'll see you soon.

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