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The Readme for the Oblivionauts v0.5b beta release.

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-- Info --

Name: Oblivionauts
Map(s): Main Oblivionauts files.
Version: v0.5b BETA
Author: Woverdude
Date Released: 05/16/13 (MM/DD/YY)
Language: English

--- Installation ---

You must follow the steps in this section to successfully install Oblivionauts. They are simple, and require only a couple of minutes to follow. You absolutely MUST follow them, though.

Oblivionauts has no extra requirements. Go to Oblionauts' ModDB page or Skyrim Nexus page to learn what mods are compatible with Oblivionauts.

1. Find your Skyrim installation's Data folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data).
2. Backup your Scripts folder, as well as the Skyrim.esm file in the Data folder.
3. Extract into your Data file. Overwrite any files that you are asked about. Before doing this, MAKE SURE that your original Scripts folder is backed-up.
4. Rename Oblivionauts.esm to 'Skyrim.esm', and let it overwrite the original file. Before doing this, MAKE SURE that your original Skyrim.esm file is backed-up.

--- Uninstallation ---

1. Go to where you backed-up your Scripts folder and your original Skyrim.esm file. Copy them.
2. Paste into your Data folder. Overwrite any files that you are asked about.

--- How To Play ---

1. Run Skyrim. Make sure that Skyrim.esm, OblivionautsStarter.esp, and the plugins for any maps you have downloaded are selected in Data Files. Start Skyrim.
2. Click 'New' in the Main Menu to start with a level 1 character, or load a previous save by clicking 'Open'. Oblivionauts is only compatible with saves made while playing Oblivionauts. Trying to load other saves may crash the program.

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