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Updates to the current VGUI HUD Implementation in the mod.

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Hello everyone!

I've been kinda lost as of lately, and have been having some spurs of inspiration throughout the week. During last week I had 0 ideas on how to re-make the HUD, considering I'm no visual artist whatsoever and wanted it to have some classic vibes instead of a more modern one by default, and also to allow customization on the user part, so if you for example wanted to make a HUD of your own, you sholdn't rely on something as-structured so you can personalize it.

My first thought was that I wanted it to look like my favorite lifebar out of all MKs, and decided on it to look like the MK2 one.



images courtesy of it's been around for a long time, and I feel like Murdoink deserves a huge thanks, for hosting this amazing site.

But that lifebar, looks old, and there's no way to fit the information I want into it. like the Fatality Meter for example and the character portrait (this could have been simplified as a name), so I had come up with an idea to add something like the "run meter" in MK3/MK4.


I ended up with something like this, but I also wanted to give it my own take. On it, so I kinda ended up mixing it with some MK4 form-factor with portraits inspired from different MK-Mugen all around the internet.


After experimenting with the size/form, I found something I really liked as the default Lifebar, and went on with it. It looks much like this last one + the fatality meter + the portraits/names.

I also will be including with the mod(or that's my plan at least), some other default lifebars much like the original mortal kombat ones, the old one that you've been seeing on the screenshots will no longer be bundled with it, as I was unable to contact Vyciouz and ask for his permission.

Lifebars wil be fully customizable, so that you can make one yourselves. From the frame/form to the position of the fatality meter and where the portraits/names are located. You could make them super long for example!


The hud will also feature the cooldown on the habilities to allow so players can see wether or not they can do a certain action. (This is very W.I.P. and can't handle the timers properly

I'm still re-designing the playermodels I want them to look really cool with this surge of ideas I've been having it's a bit overwhelming to not have time to do them all, sadly.

PS. I added bios to the character screen, gotta do a little fix for them to look cool!

Until next time!


I ain't gonna miss this...

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