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Arctic Realism adds nuclear weapons to the sim. This is a rundown of those weapons.

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Nuclear Weapons

Arctic Realism adds nuclear weapons launched from land, sea, and air, to NWAC.

How these are used is entirely up to scenario designers, but if fired, they will allow that player to eliminate any enemy land installation with relative ease.

ICBMs and SLBMs are virtually immune to interception, however ALCMs and nuclear bombs can of course be intercepted as easily as conventional weapons.

They are extremely powerful weapons, so eliminating enemy nuclear launch platforms before they are within range, if possible, should be a top priority in any scenario where they are present.

The nuclear weapons are as follows:

United States of America

  • LGM-30G Minuteman-III ICBM
  • B83 Bomb (F-16C, F/A-18C, F/A-18E, B-52H, B-2A)
  • B61 Bomb (F-16C, F/A-18C, F/A-18E,F-15E, B-52H, B-2A)
  • AGM-86C ALCM (B-52H)
  • UGM-133 Trident II SLBM (Ohio Class SSBN)

Russian Federation

  • RS-24 Yars ICBM [SS-27 Mod 2]
  • RT-2UTTH Topol-M ICBM [SS-27 Sickle B]
  • RT-2PM Topol ICBM [SS-25 Sickle]
  • UR-100N ICBM [SS-19 Stiletto]
  • R-36M2 ICBM [SS-18 Satan]
  • OTR-21 Tochka TBM [SS-21 Scarab]
  • Bombs TBA
  • Cruise missiles TBA

United Kingdom

  • Trident II D5 SLBM (Vanguard Class SSBN)

French Republic

  • ASMP-A ALCM (Rafale C, Rafale M, Mirage 2000N)
  • M51 SLBM (Triomphant Class SSBN)
  • M45 SLBM (Triomphant Class SSBN)

Federal Republic of Germany

  • B61 Bomb* (Tornado IDS)

The Netherlands

  • B61 Bomb* (F-16AM)

Kingdom of Belgium

  • B61 Bomb* (F-16AM)

* = The B61 bombs used by Germany, The Netherlands, and Belgium are secured with PAL devices and so can only be armed with US-provided codes. Scenario designers should only give these countries access to nuclear weapons if it would be realistic that the USA would allow it (ie. a full scale war against Russia).

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