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İncluding v5.0 versions features and credits.

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v5.0 released

- Large troops tree for kingdoms....................

Crusades and Jihads v5.0 Test

- Desert lion, Brigidant leader added.
- Master dai commander, masyaf archer, Elamut Fedayisi added.,
- Jerusalem marshall, santiago knight, hospitaller, royal hospitaller knight added.
- Mongol royal archer and royal keshik added.
- Filibe crossbowman, elite varangian guard added.
- Royal khassakiyah ve Royal abna added.
- İsfahan guard, royal khwarezmian guard added.
- Royal, aswaran, savaran ve savaran archer added.
- Azov's woman warrior, kaffa's woman guard added.
- Trebizond royal knight, heavy trebizond scuttotai added.
- Alashia crossbowman, selinus axeman added.
- Tiblis kehevsur warrior and rpince monaspa added.
- Royal papal guard ve rimini's mounted crossbowman added.
- Elite bulgarian swordsman and royalbolyar added.

- Mercenary camps added.Hire mercenary here and loot the camp.
- Custom mercenary troops equipmant
- Siege battle, poison the water.
- Mongol, Pecheneg and Cuman invader army added.
- Buy large supply for your army.
- Enable/disable forts and white villages.

- Siege battle, dig a tunnel.

- Custom kingdom troops remaked.

- Main quest fixed.

- More fix and features..

v5.0 credits

-Dare2Die -

-T1giNN - Çeviri için teşekürler

-Koyun_Lordu Çeviri için teşekür ederim.
-rubik - [OSP] fix for kill-order loot dependency -

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