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A small list of all of the new vehicles in the JSOC Mod. I will try to describe any Offensive or Defensive capabilities that are confusing. Note that the mod is for use on the American team so there will be no russian team modding. Everything in this mod will cost 0 ta and 0 reinforcement points :)

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[This list is not completed]
US: Vehicles
M1126 Stryker ICV
Offensive - Grenade Launcher
Defensive - Smoke
The Stryker is one of the newer armored personnel carrier that the US Military has adopted. The JSOC mod will allow you to command this vehicle and it will dominate the battlefield with it's .50 turret and the vehicle will be harder to spot because it's so quiet.

Military Police Humvee
[Description to be added later]

Humvee Medevac
Offensive - None
Defensive - Smoke
The Medevac Humvee is a whole new Humvee that will be added to the game, the Humvee will be able to transport squads out of the hot zone and heal them as it moves, the Humvee will also be able to heal squads of soldiers that are near by the vehicle.

Special Forces Humvee
Offensive - AT-4
Defensive - Evade
The special forces Humvee will be a very light and fast design with an offensive capability where the turret gunner will fire an AT-4 into a selected target the missile fired will be a one hit kill for any target including heavy tanks and aircraft. The units evade capability will allow the vehicle to increase its speed and agility as well as pop smoke every 2 seconds while the ability is activated.

Offensive Heavy Barrage
Defensive - ECM/Flares
The AC-130 is a gunship that can only be called in by special forces teams, the gunship will be an animation that will orbit the entire battlefield staying at the very edge and the player will be able to designate targets for the gunship to open fire on.

US: Infantry
Navy SEALs Team
Offensive - AC-130 Gunship
Defensive - Tac Move
The SEAL Team is the most elite infantry squads you can get in this mod, the soldiers will almost never die and they will hit their targets on the first try every time. I will try to change the weapon loadout for the SEALs to M4s and M14 EBRs. The SEALs are meant to use the Special Forces Humvee. The SEALs have a defensive capability called tac move this will slow down their movement but make their shots more accurate and will cause them less damage.

Navy SEALs Sniper Tean
Offensive - AC-130
Defensive - Hide
The SEAL Sniper Team is a small squad of 4 (2 Snipers 2 Security) that when deployed will be able to drop targets from a long range and with a high rate of fire and high accuracy, this team will be one of the most effective on the battlefield in this mod. The hide capability causes the team to dig in and become invisible to the other team for a certain amount of time.

Military Police Team
Offensive - Intimidate
Defensive - Flash bangs
The MP Team is a small group of 4 soldiers who are able to capture enemy soldiers by using the offensive ability intimidate which causes the enemy to give up immediately and the defensive flash bangs which will temporarily disable enemy units allowing the MPs to get in close enough to make arrests.

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