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Early access release date, new steam store page, a publisher and a brand new trailer with updated graphics. It is all coming together for Veil of crows!

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I have been extremely busy over the last couple of months since being greenlit on steam, but I will talk about what has happened since at a later date. I have a few announcements that I would like to share about Veil of crows.. so without further adieu.

Number One: The steam store is now LIVE, you can visit the page and discuss the game one the community hub! The game is not available yet, however, this brings me to my second announcement.

Number Two: Early access release date for windows is the 28th of April! Only two weeks away! This makes me extremely excited, anxious, happy, nervous, sick, nervous.. did I say nervous? But mostly excited to have you all join in the development process with me in early access. The game is not finished, and the UI still needs a lot of love, but it is time to share with the world. I plan a mac release hopefully in the next month or so, as It needs a lot more testing.

Number Three: Veil of crows now has a publisher! My good friends at Humble Sage Games in Brisbane, Australia have been extremely supportive of VOC over the last few months, and now they are helping publish the game. They have been helping out with their vast resources, such as designing a new logo for VOC, helping with the capsule images for the steam page, proofreading my poor written grammar, and they are currently taking charge in running closed testing sessions of VOC to ensure the game runs as smooth as possible when you finally get your grubby hands on it. Visit their website

Number four: Although not really new, I have not mentioned the new community forum set up on the veil of crows website yet. The forum is set up for members of the community to voice their opinions, ideas, criticism and, importantly, submit bugs. Join the discussion here

Thank you for your ongoing support! I am truly excited to finally share this game with you all. Next week I am writing a larger feature on progress since greenlight, and the countdown to the early access. Stay awesome!

- Kerry

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