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A short list of all the new tactical aid that will be added to the mod

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Airborne Pararescue (Will Replace Rangers)
Offensive - Fragmentation Grenades
Defensive - Cover
The Airborne Pararescue replaces the Rangers and will use a few new Offensive and Defensive capabilities including Cover which causes all the soldiers in the squad to drop down into positions that will cover their vital organs with other body parts, this will increase shooting accuracy and will decrease damage but the unit cannot move. The other Capability is Fragmentation Grenades, this will cause the team to throw 2 grenades at the selected point.

This TA will cause immense damage in a small radius that is a little larger than the laser guided bomb.

Nuclear Bomb (Will Replace Tactical Nuke)
This is a nuclear warhead that will obliterate EVERYTHING in the entire map and is to only be used in very desperate situations where there are no other options.

Airborne Striker
This is the exact same unit the Stryker except it can be dropped anywhere on the map.

Airborne Special Forces Humvee
This is the exact same unit as the Special Forces Humvee except it can be dropped anywhere on the map.

Airdropped Fire base
This is a small fire base that can be dropped from the air and set up, once set up the base will repair units and provides countermeasures so enemy missiles and rockets cannot find their targets.


what will the Russian tactical aids be?

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how to download?

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