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We're working on many new objects for Starmancer (that didn't make it into the demo), so we thought it would be interesting to show them off. You'll be able to build all of these objects in the Alpha.

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Many of you played the demo (you can download it on our Kickstarter page), and asked if we have more objects planned.

So we decided to show off some new objects that are currently being worked on.

You can expect to see these in the Alpha.


Batteries are used to store excess power. Objects like turrets require an enormous amount of electricity. You can store extra power in batteries to avoid overloading your power grid in times of crisis. Shut off non-essential areas of your station at night, and use the excess power once everyone wakes up.

Arcade Machine

We want to add more objects for colonists to us in their free time. One of these new objects is an arcade machine. Colonists will gather and watch each other play.

Similar to the propaganda billboards, the player can choose which games that colonists play. You can probably recognize some classic games in the machine.


The workshop is an object that colonists use when they repair and create objects. Items like tables and chairs are actually created at a workshop.

Large objects, like generators, require a "scrap" style resource that is produced in the workshop (a better name will be coming).

In the long-term, you will be able to upgrade you workshop so that it's automated.

Double Doors

If any of you played the demo, you'll know that placing doors in even-sized rooms is a hassle. The single-floor doors are a symmetry nightmare.

Double doors are a small quality of life improvement, and they'll make industrial areas feel more...industrial.

I'm not really sure where the doors go when they open. It's magic.

Tesla Coil

Turrets are a fun way to get rid of pirates, but they're messy.

Tesla coils allow you to incapacitate pirates and capture them. Captured pirates can be converted into normal colonists. They can also be converted into biomass.

Tesla coils are a non-lethal means of stopping your own colonists as well.


Space Probes

You have to discover planets before you can actually send colonists to them. Space probes do just that. You select a general region of space and they'll discover nearby stations, planets, and asteroids.

Your space probes can be captured by pirates. Once captured, the probe reveals your station's location to pirates.

Probes are launched on "probe pads". These are technically the new object, but talking about a "probe pad" is boring. They do have a cute little radar on them, though.


We have many more planned objects, but these ones look nice enough to show off right now.

I like summarizing things, so the mentioned objects were:

  1. Batteries
  2. Arcade Machines
  3. Workshops
  4. Double Doors
  5. Tesla Coils
  6. Space Probes

Don't forget to support Starmancer on Kickstarter before it's too late! There isn't much time left!

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