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The Tunnel is an abandoned World War II-era air raid shelter beneath City 17. Stretching several miles, this underground complex was designed to protect hundreds of thousands of civilians, and is now home to toxic waste, headcrabs, and zombies.

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"The Tunnel" is a massive underground air raid shelter beneath City 17. Designed to hold hundreds of thousands of people, this complex stretches several miles, with a wide variety of tunnels, corridors, rooms, and staging areas. The reason its called The Tunnel is because there are only two ways into the complex, each passing through a large, extravagant tunnel made of stone and concrete. In the campaign, the player must pass through The Tunnel to get to City 17.

The Tunnel itself is now filled with zombies, toxic chemicals and waste, and a headcrab infestation. Ceasing to be of safe conditions for the Resistance, and holding no purpose for the Combine, The Tunnel's entrance hatchways are now sealed and guarded to prevent unwanted visitors from outside of City 17 to reach the city limits. A dangerous journey it would be if someone was to somehow get inside. Hordes of zombies stalk and roam the hallways of the complex, and asbestos, black mold, and toxic chemicals fill the air.

One particular trait of The Tunnel is the lack of light and the lack of ammunition. Electricity is not transmitted throughout the complex, and the backup generators have not been activated for some time. To see fluorescent lights or electrical equipment on and active in The Tunnel would be a rare sense of security. As for the lack of ammunition, The Tunnel was at one point used by the military to protect citizens, but the design of the facility was ingenious. Enemy troops who would find their way into the complex would be confused and disoriented by the vast array of hallways and corridors, and so ammunition and weaponry was not issued in heavy numbers to the soldiers of the complex. Finding large amounts of ammunition would likely be rare, so anyone in the complex would need to find other means of survival against the elements and the necrotics(zombies) who infest the complex.

Pictures and info will be released when obtained.

In the next info-feature, we will discuss the final addition to the mod, the brand new Civil Protection Shocktrooper, a highly-trained, skilled SWAT-like police officer that defends Combine police buildings and locations.

Mr.Walrus - - 5,806 comments

I can't wait to see this map, it sounds like a very interesting idea that could make for some excellent gameplay. What era will the architecture in the Tunnel reflect?

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AdrianL1996 Author
AdrianL1996 - - 467 comments

It will be made mostly of brick, concrete, and stone walls and pillars. You could say it reflects World-War II era concrete bunkers and entrenchments, such as the Normandy defensive network of bunkers, emplacements, and rooms and crooks.

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Dr.Goupyl - - 2,269 comments

A Ravenholm in a tunnel style ?
PS: i like when you talk 'bout Normandy :D

Well at least it's easy to imagine for me.

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Black_garuga - - 138 comments

Im looking forward to this area, especially now that I know more about it! :D

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AdrianL1996 Author
AdrianL1996 - - 467 comments

Your the one designing it, now aren't you? Silly goose.

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