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On this article, you will know what are the other features that Siberian Expeditions offers to players!

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  • We will start with the hunter character. As this is a first person shooter game, We can't see the whole hunter while gaming. But, if you are killed by any animal, the hunter will appear in third person performing a "death animation" caused by an animal. I created the hunter character with Blender 2.75 and its texture with GIMP. Its mesh is 1024 triangles (the maximum admitted by the game engine) and its texture is BMP format, 256x256 size, 24 bits colour.

Hunter character

Here, we can see a "death animation" of the hunter which was attacked by Altai Wapiti. Consider that the hunter will display a different death animation for each animal that kills him...

Hunter Death Animation

  • And here we have the ships of Siberian Expeditions. I created them with Blender and GIMP too. These ships are called Beriev A-50, which is a russian aircraft that accomplish a particular task in your hunting tour.


Beriev A 50 Trophy Ship

This Beriev A-50 aircraft will appear when you hunt an animal. Its function is to get the hunted animal and take it to the Lodge, where your trophy animals are placed.


Beriev A 50 Supply Ship

A personalized Beriev A-50 aircraft for your disposal in the need of low ammunition or other supplies our pilot "Dimitri Ivanov" will be on stand by to asset you. Due to how expensive it is to fly, you will only have one chance to call Dimitri for support. So, make sure to make this count.

  • Here are the binoculars. They have red objective lens to better locate the animals while hunting. It displays the animal names, their weight and their distance with green colour. In your keyboard, you can type the + symbol for zoom in or the - symbol for zoom out while using the binoculars!

Your Binoculars

  • The compass is very useful. It is an instrument used for orientation that shows direction relative to the geographic cardinal directions (it shows the directions north, south, east, and west on the compass face as abbreviated initials).


  • This is a wind indicator -"Compass Rose". The red arrow indicates the wind direction. If that red arrow points towards the animal direction, just change your position and step away because the animal will spot you!

Compass Rose

  • Finally, we present "The Lodge". In its interior are placed the hunted animals ported by the Trophy Ship which we talked earlier and they are exposed as a "Trophy".

The lodge for your trophies

In the interior, the lodge has a table with magazines, some couches, dissected animals and a fire placement to keep you warm while watching your trophy animals!

The lodge interior

Now, you are ready to hunt... what are you waiting for? enroll to Diana Hunting tours!


Tormer: Project leader, mod title, maps, animal animations, hunter model and animations, trophy ship, supply ship, animal sound effects, binoculars, compass, wind indicator.

Jake Sutton AKA "Raptor Klaw": Menus, Animal Call SFX, modified animal skins, logo, ship voices, animal prices suggestion.

MurtBurt3: Weapons, Weapon descriptions for menus, bullet pictures.

Native Relax: Menu Soundtrack.

Ulquiorra and Paleop: Conifer trees.

AnAlpaca: Waterfalls.

ZTABC Team: Musk Deer, eagle-owl and Lynx models.

JimmyzHoopz: Wolf model.

Aurora Designs: Tiger, Snow Leopard and Moose models.

HENDRIX: Bear and Wild Boar models.

Ulquiorra: Wapiti model.

Tamara Henson: Siberian Ibex and Snow Sheep models.

IBCircuits: Programming.




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