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Read this to prepare your tactic for Reinforcementz II Assistance.

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I'm not sure that these new game modes work n multiplayer game, but I'm sure you will enjoy it when in skirmish game.

Tech Level 1-8 modes: Wha!!! Where are 9 and 10 Tech level modes? Both 9 and 10 tech level modes are in normal mode which Tech level 10 adds superweapon. And how it well for these modes? Well, These modes have different tech tree such as Tech level 1; you can build only Power plant, Barracks, Ore refinery, Standard infantry, scout infantry (dogs) and engineers, Harvesters are unarmed. Then you can fight with each other without unbalanced advantage.

Resource crisis: This mode resembles Megawealth mode(not included in this mod), but you can build refineries and ore poles have been disables. So if you want to spam any superior units, you won't do that. Carefully planning for ore collection recommened.

Assisance: This mode was hell for multiplayer mode. If you captured any Tech building such as...em...Tech airport, you will get additional reinforcements and SOMETHING BRUTELY. You will get THE FATEST VERSATILE TANK IN THE GAME!!! And captured other Tech buildings will gains CAMOUFLAGE TANK DESTROYER(Jadgpanther), CAMOUFLAGE ARTILLERY(ISU 152), INCREDIBLY HEAVY ARMORED TANK(Tiger tank), STEALTH AA VEHICLE(M42 Duster), CHEAPEST SNIPER and DEFENSIVE ARTILLERY(Mr. Eightyeight)!!!

Tank battle: This mode I modified them to have only a unit type -battle tanks- to enter to the battlefield. But that's not the unique of it. All tanks has very slow pace, rate of turn, longer range of fire, more powerful but hard to hit the target at first shot, so you have to find the way to hit the enemy at first shot by yourself, it's important. Not only modification above, all country also have different tanks and ability to destroy the enemy. All of these will make your battle so more intense.

More game modes are considering to put in this mods.
If you have any idea about new game modes, contact me via pm and I will consider how it fun :)

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