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Modifications and changes in the game, such as faction renaming, and adding on new troops, are presented below:

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renamed factions : vikings with their capital city of hedbeyIslamic sultanate with their capital city of DamascusCrusaders with their capital city of vaticanMangolian empire with their capital city of ulan Baatorrussian tsardomwith their capitar city of moscowand great britan with its capital city of London---------------------new troops added to :
the islamic sultanate (sarranids) have more mounted units
Mongolians (khrgeits) now have infantry units
rohdoks (Britain) now have mounted units
Nords (vikings) now have mounted units
(vaeigers) Russians have a new mounted unit
cities have changed names
Madrid, Constantinople, Damascus, Baghdad, Norwich, Minsk, and much more!!!
hope you enjoy: native mb warband, but with extra features for more fun!!!

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