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A full list of the new features that are included in CK2: Rome & the Dark Ages.

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New Cultures:

  • Iberian
  • Greco-Scythian
  • African-Roman
  • Rumonei (Roman/Gothic)
  • Ostrogoth
  • Vandal
  • Thuringian
  • Thracian
  • Gepid
  • Herulian
  • Visigothic (Germanic)
  • Burgundy
  • Dalmatian
  • Hispano-Roman
  • Iberian-Celtic
  • Copto-Egyptian
  • Illyrian
  • Hepthalite
  • Pannonian
  • Dacian
  • Hunnic
  • Scythian
  • Indo-Scythian
  • Gothic
  • Sarmatian
  • Rhaetian
  • Gaellic
  • East Gaellic
  • Briton-Roman
  • Gallo-Roman
  • Bactrian

New Religions:

  • Celtic
  • Egyptian
  • Germanic
  • Arab pagan
  • Arianism
  • Nicene Christianity

New Titles:

  • All the Roman provinces will be included. With 3 diferents de-jure combinations.
  • Byzantium will have new de-jure kingdoms for pre-islam bookmarks.

New Unique Buildings:

  • Constantinople.
  • Rome
  • Kiev

Roman Legions:

  • As Roman (Western and Easter) Emperor you can create and use the powerful roman legions for your defense and conquests.


Will there be any new units or retinues, like a legion retinue or a special legionary unit.

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JaviF1 Author

There will be several Roman legions, besides the Praetorian Guard.And special buildings.

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Thank you

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JaviF1 Author

I'm sorry I replied so late. I did not receive notification of your comment :(

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This looks so well, I hope you'll do a good job. Good luck to you guys :)

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Hey guys, I wanted to ask you if you are going to support this mod for some time, small updates and patches ans so on, it would be a pity if not. Thanks for reply

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JaviF1 Author

Yes, there will be regular updates. We are currently working in 527 Justinian bookmark for the next version.

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Crusader + mod = crash, why?

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JaviF1 Author

outdated :(

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