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A few of the new features added to keep the interest...

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Feature: Xerrol Nightstinger snipers
Noghri snipers now carry Xerrol nightstinger rifles, which, if you have read the Hand of Thrawn Duology, are known to fire INVISIBLE blaster bolts. meaning that they can be used to snipe enemy formations without being automatically detected (i.e, outside view range).

Feature: Faster Projectiles
All projectiles have been sped up, being more believable. When a proton torpedo goes slower than the ship that fires it, people start to wonder.... oh, and A-Wings, X-Wings, and other previously 'laser-only' ships fire missiles/torpedoes, and they are fired against fighters/bombers. If you have played the alpha, you may already know this, but it has been refined for the upcoming releases.

Feature: era-specific tech tree
The tech tree is being tailored to the stages of the Galactic Civil War and New republic era, level one being immediate post-Clone wars, so the factions have relatively obsolete and old equiptment. Level 2 is less obsolete, but older tech, and a slight improvement. Tech three is closer to the movies, but not quite there. Tech 4 is movie era up, with capital ships taking the forefront, and tech 5 is superships, SSDs, becoming available.

Feature: Replacement in GC Tech Tree
this may not be fully functional in the beta, but will be fully available in the 1.0; as tech level progresses, the tech of each faction corresponds to the ships built. i.e, at tech 1, Empire can buid IPV-! and Venators, but once tech 2 is researched, Acclamators and Lancers replace the old ships. The Consortium, rather, will steal several ship designs, and will be beefed up differently.



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