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Unit list and information on other changes for General Alexandra.

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As I found she is the general for whom I've made the greatest number of changes.
The first and the most important change is that her tactics now differs from "Build as much defense and superweapons as possible". I disliked this kind of tactics and that's why I've changed her specialization. It is still called "Superweapon", but now it means not weapon of mass destruction (aka Nuclear missiles, Particle uplinc cannons, SCUD-storms and etc.) but high-tech warfare and even may be wunderwaffe (means futuristic/Sci-Fi weaponry). Now the main power of her army is Gauss, electro and weather technologies. Her new superweapon (in the old meaning of this word) is the "weather missile" which creates thunderstorm at the target location (the lightnings will strike to enemies buildings/vehicles/infantry but still can also deliver some damage to your army).

Now about the unit-list.
Ground-based vehicles and tanks:
1) Engineering Humvee. Like usual Humvee but unarmed. Capable of deploying smart-mines and laser targeters and also can transport them, but not infantry. Can detect and disarm mines and demotraps.

2) Crusader. It is the basic tank of Alexandra's army. It is usual Crusader like in old Zero Hour (or even classic Generals). Can be upgraded with electro shield generator (destroys incoming missiles/shells/etc). On the third veterancy level gains ball lightning generator and becomes more effective against infantry.

3) HIMARS-ATACMS. It is a first-rank artillery unit. It is a high-mobility unguided-rocket launcher armed with usual explosive missiles. After upgrade on third rank it is able to launche AI electro missiles which are allso capable of clearing garrisons. After reching third veterancy level high-explosive missiles are replaced with volume-detonating missiles and electro-missiles become capable of creating small EMP-effect

4) Gauss-avenger. Looks like old Avenger but armed with double 25-mm AA-only (Anti-Air only) Gauss-cannons.

6) Microwave tank. Remains unchanged from original Zero Hour. Gains electro-shields upgrade.

7) Sentry-drone. The only change here is that Sentry drones are armed with machinegun by default.

8) Gauss-Paladin. The main assault force of the third rank, you have to build Strategy center to build this things. Armed with 50-mm Gauss-cannon. This tank is capable of tearing apart any kind of light-armored vehicles and delivering heavy damage to light, medium and even heavy tanks. Every Gauss-Paladin consumes 1 point of energy to power it's Gauss-cannon. Gains electro-shields upgrade. After reaching third veterancy level Gauss-Paladin becomes capable of targeting on important parts of enemies' vehicles and every shot will temporary shut-off the target vehicle (but not building).

9) Tomahawk launcher. Third-rank artillery unit. Strategy center is required. Usual M270 MLRS armed with two High-explosive Tomahawk missiles. After reaching third rank High explosive warheads are replaced with volume-detonating.

10) Patriot Air Defense complex. Third rank long range air defense, requires strategy center. The really existing MIM-104 Patriot system. Long range AA-only missile launcher. After reaching third veterancy level gains high-explosive warheads with greater splash-effect.

1) Ranger. Additionally equipped with grenade launcher to increase anti-vehicle capabilities. After reaching third rank rearms to lightening-gun instead of rifle and electro-grenades instead of flash-bangs (if the upgrade was purchased).

2) Missile Defender. The main specialization of Missile Defenders now is AA defense, but they are still capable of attacking ground targets (but they are less effective against them). Gains electro-missiles upgrade. After reaching third veterancy level gains additional frag explosion effect (increases Anti-Infantry and Anti-Air effectiveness).

3) Javelin Trooper. Main AT (Anti-Tank) infantry. Can easily tear enemy tanks apart, but is not able to attack infantry or air targets.

4) Colonel Burton (hero infantry unit). Armed with lightening/Gauss combo-gun, and knife. Capable of setting remote C4 charges or timed electro-charges or calling-in single volume-detonating tomahawk missile strike. Requires strategy center.

1) F-22 Raptor basic AT and AA jet fighter, does not attack infantry. Armed with 4 AGM-88 missiles. After reaching third veterancy level rearms with 3 more effective AIM-47 Falcon missiles and gains better engines and additional countermeasures.

2) X-45 UCAV Stealth-bomber. Armed with 2 AGM-123 missiles, upgrades to GBU-28 bombs (Bunker busters upgrade). Gains one more bomb or missile (depending on upgrade), additional countermeasures and better engine when reaches third veterancy level.

3) Aurora-Alpha supersonic bomber. Armed with Mark84 High explosive bomb. Rearms with volume-detonating bomb and gains additional countermeasures on the third veterancy level.

4) Thunder Commanche. Usual commanche rearmed with two Gauss cannons instead of Hellfire missiles. Have higher AT capabilities then other commanches. Does not features rocketpods upgrade Gains ball lightening launcher instead of machinegun on third veterancy level.

Changes in buildings:
1) Non-realistic Patrion System replaced with Gauss battery. AT and AA defense system.

2) Cold fusion reactor replaced with thermonuclear reactor. Provides 20 points of power, doesn't feature any control-rods upgrades.

3) Particle uplink cannon replaced with weather-missile silo.

1) TOW-missiles upgrade removed.

2) Sentry-drone Gun upgrade removed.

3) Electro-missiles upgrade added. Grants electro-blast to small missiles (increases AI capabilities) and allows HIMARS-ATACMS and Tomahawk launcher to use electro-missiles.

4) Electro-shields upgrade added. Some vehicles gains anti-missile and anti-shell electro shields which are activated when incoming shells/missiles are detected. Shild destroys not one, but all incoming shells/missiles in range and then recharges.

May be some more upgrades will be added.


Sounds great mate. Especially I'd like to see new mechs. MORE IMAGES! Only one thing which I doubt about...when Humvee survives after 1st destruction. Well it suited for old GLA bus coz it was rather rough and massive, but Humvee don't look so strong to survive...

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how 'bout images of the new guns mate?

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I always like to hear what changes peple plan to make to change Superweapon general, This one looks quite interesting, I'd love to see the result.

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