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I'm doing a game project for school and decided the easiest type of game to make is a point and click. I update frequently and am learning C# programming in the process.

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My newest game project, Bible Boy brings you to the time of Jesus. The main character of the game is a beggar boy who wants to see a miracle. The reason why I went with a Bible games is after playing a windows 95/98 Bible game, I had to do one my self. The game was horrible, and I just wanted people not to hate all Bible games, it is educational people. Enough said, let me get back to work and hopefully it will come out in 1-3 months. It WILL be FREE.
Made for windows, and want to port over to android when I get a new android device.

Update 1- I don't know if I'll make more updates.

Well finally, after working for a month, I have finally built a map, not fully completed, but almost, and now have some scenes that are semi-working. As of right now, I am trying to finish up the map and code as little as possible. In the end, I do know I will end up coding like crazy for this.
Also in works is the animations. Unity 5 allows me to animate right there so I've been learning some new things. Hopefully in a month or two, it will be done.


We have decided to stop production of this game for a little. We are working on a newer game and hope to learn a lot with it. And we also deleted the files on an accident.

Made with Unity 5x.

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