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A new issue of NeuroSlicers is now available to read!

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NeuroSlicers #3

We have a brand new issue of NeuroSlicers for you this month titled ‘Entry’ which takes us deep within the organisation known as Tesseract! NeuroSlicers - Issue 3

This is the final faction story arc, which has followed characters from different walks of life within Nexus City; each with their own unique connection to the hackers called Slicers, NeuroNet and the Factions seeking to control both the digital and physical world.

We’d love to know what you want to read next issue? Do they want to know what happened to Lalia after her door was kicked in during the blackout in issue #1? What about Amelie as she trawls the depths of the Xactuary medical facility during issue #2? Or maybe Issac? How is he going to get out of the situation he's just landed himself in.

We want to hear from you the community this month and determine both the next issue and the outcome of each of these characters. Just email us at

Step into the NeuroNet and discover more of the story with our current issues of NeuroSlicers.

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