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When you died, your old arsenal was scattered across the planet as Holy Relics, to be forever revered by the Church. As such, the chance of finding all of your old weapons is slim - and a far greater chance of attaining a new resonate of old favorites and new friends is more likely:

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1 - Gauntlets of Perdition: As always, Baratus can wield his bare hands when push comes to shove. Powered-up, their enchantment becomes apparent as you summon dark energy to pummel your foes!

2 - Axe: Using pure electrical energy, the Axe is an electrifying experience. Powering it up gives it ranged abilities as well.

2b - Dragon Claw: Only Baratus can wield the strength of the dragon, and as such only he can invoke the abilities of the Dragon Claw. Its enchantment allows him to strike targets from a distance as if they were right next to him, giving him the range of a dragon 10 times his size. Powered up, each 'punch' delivers an eight-way ripper blast!

3 - Hammer of Retribution: The Hammer of Retribution is a flaming beacon in Cronos' wintry wastes. Forged in the fires of Hades itself, the Warrior can throw it as a boomerang to great effect, in addition to bludgeoning to death his adversaries. Powered up, the Hammer calls fourth the fires of fell itself, delivering a sweeping flame attack to all who stand in the fighter's way!

3b - Sword of Darkness: Baratus now can find a serrated, undead blade to employ against his foes. This serrated slicer can dispatch most low-level monsters in one swing. Powered-up, the blade launches magical orbs that erupt in full-body explosion!


1 - Bow of Penitence: The Cleric now starts with a more potent weapon than before - an enchanted bow capable of piercing through multiple enemies with its' barbed arrows. Each arrow leaves a luminous trail - both literally and figuratively in the destruction it causes. However, as the rate of fire is slow, more suitable weapons remain to be found. Powered-up, the arrows are no longer weighed down by gravity, and do even more damage.

2 - Serpent Staff: The functionality of this weapon remains unchanged, except when it's powered up. It's venom seeks out your enemies in a vicious coil, and at times causes a noxious cloud to rain poisinous death upon them from above! Watch your adversaries rot in front of your eyes!

2B - Angel Staff: Shooting bursts of pure energy in its normal state, the Angel Staff is nothing to scoff at. Powered up, this Staff of Heaven itself calls fourth the powers of the cosmos itself - Parias is able to smite his foes with a deadly blast of lightning.

3 - FireStorm: Now we're packing heat! An old favorite, the spell becomes only more potent in its powered-up state, as Parias rains death from above!

3B - SunStaff: The pulsating, magikal center of the the Staff provides it with enough power to burn through anything you desire. Using the Tome of Power on this baby amplifies the strength of this beam, eah wave practically a fireball in its own right.


1 - Gargoyle Wand: A new friend for Dandelion is the Gargoyle Wand. Firing a spell more powerful than the Sapphire Wands' barbs, this basic implement is often enough to get Dandelion out of tight situations. Powered up, its effects are augumented with a ripper effect.

2 - Frost Shards: An old favorite, the Frost Shards are able to freeze most adversaries in place after a few well-placed shots. Powered-up, and each attack becomes quicker, meaner, and splits off into seeking fractures!

2B - Skull Staff: Using a form of Dark Energy only possible from the Outer Worlds themselves, Dandelion alone is only able to tap into the powers contained within the staffs' core. Its potency is unmatched as it launches a constant stream of raw energy upon Dandelion's enemies. Powered up, this skeletal artifact is able to call fourth the powers of the Earth to aid in its attack - a bevy of spines travels along the ground, impaling all in its wake.

3 - Arc of Necrosis: An old favorite, The Arc fires a long, diagonal streak of raw lightning that seeks out its targets and fries them where they stand. Powered-up, the abilities of the Arc become multiplied threefold.

3B - Jade Wand: A distant relative to Dandelion's Sapphire Wand, the Jade variety is also significantly more powerful. Firing a bevy of piercing darts at once and instantaneously piercing the toughest of hides, it is a tool of pure destruction. Powered up, its abilities become yet more amplified.


I'm loving the autocorrect for Daedolon's name.

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