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The devlog video covers the new features in Necken: the new HUD, the updates on combat, building tiles and some other stuff.

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In this Necken update, the following features/updates has been added: A partial HUD rework, building of tiles, combat HUD updates, and the protection - an extension of normal combat.

While not adding anything spicy to the game, it makes it a bit more clear. The plain numbers and icons has been reworked into a bar, with some smooth movement. Both the normal HUD and combat HUD has gotten some polish in terms of 'juice' - the small effects that improves the flavour of the game.

While not being final, they look much better, while not cluttering the screen. Or, at least that's what I think.

Spawn combat

The spawn tiles needs to be destroyed, and that has not changed. How you destroy them, however, has been updated. Before, the player activated the tile to deal sword damage to the tile, while not in combat.

Now, instead, the player enters combat with the spawn tile for one round (with three moves). After that, the combat is aborted. This gives the player the ability to choose which damage source to use - the body, the weapon or the shield.


As an extension to the combat system, protection was added to the enemies. This means that each enemy has strengths and weaknesses against the three damage sources, in three stages - normal, weak and strong.

Strong negates 2 damage, weak adds 2 damage and normal is, well, just normal.

In the case where the player fights a spawn tile - the spawn tile is weak to sword damage, and takes +2 damage whenever it is used. This makes for a much deeper combat system, where the tactical choice between using the 'effective' damage source or not could be important.

A new enemy

While not that exciting, a new enemy was added. It spawns from a spawn tile whenever another spawn tile is destroyed, and it heads straight for the house tile. If the house tile is destroyed, the game is lost, so the player has to be ready for the attack.


While not fully fleshed out yet, the player now has an ability to build stuff on empty tiles. For now the buildings are just placeholders, but will eventually help the player beat the enemies roaming the level. The first building will be a wall. Simple but effective. It will stop the enemies from roaming freely.

The player builds by holding the space button (activation button). If the activation button is pressed (not held), the player will activate a tile instead.

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