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Full list of changes made to the vanilla game, Shifter, and BioMod since release.

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[1.2 Changes]

  • Merged changes from BioMod 1.1
  • No change to Dragon Tooth's damage when cheats are enabled.

[1.1.8 Changes]

  • Fixed HDTP detection when loading a saved game.
  • Another fix to lamps that are lit by default/by player to retain their lit state correctly, once and for all.
  • Updated the Clip Size weapon info to be a little more meaningful.
  • The master level Athletics is now additive with the Speed Augmentation, instead of multiplicative.
  • Fixed the Assault Rifle's 20mm HE low ammo threshold to retain its value on map change.
  • Enabled alternate icons and descriptions for the second type of cigarettes from HDTP.
  • Added a setting to turn off the few HDTP Weapon Icons that HDTP has when HDTP Weapon Models are enabled. This is useful to disable if you are using a custom set of icons, like from unifiedDeusEx -- or, if you just don't like them.
    Please read the ReadMe, almost nothing else from unifiedDeusEx is compatible!
  • Wrote detailed installation instructions in the ReadMe, as well as currently known compatibility notes.

[1.1.7 Changes]

  • Actually made the VoIP special option at the LaGuardia Helibase require Advanced computer skill to hack.
  • Fixed the NSFHQ basement control panels to turn off their appropriate laser beams.
  • Fixed a crash on save that could happen after a DataCube text window got "stuck" on screen.
  • Fixed a bug with switching accounts on a Security Terminal with Special Options.
  • Rewrote the HDTP support setup. Now will no longer attempt to load resources when HDTP is not installed, potentially reducing lag for things like decals, casings, etc.
  • Fixed Shifter's custom resource loading for the Magnum and 10mm Explosive Ammo icons.
  • Made sure that the custom resources from Shifter and BioMod always apply their intended meshes/textures, regardless of HDTP installation or its settings.
  • Added the UNATCO Notice image to a DataCube in Mission 4, Hell's Kitchen bar.
  • With the 'Purge Inferior Guns' settings enabled, regular pistols will now be purged if you have the Magnum in your inventory.
  • Changed the way the Clip Size weapon info is displayed from percentage to an actual amount of extra rounds. Because 6 RDS (+50%) no way equals 11 RDS.
  • Stopped the Target aug from showing hidden objects [Shifter r62]
  • Cleared up a few log error messages that would crop up for people not using HDTP [Shifter r63]

[1.1.6 Changes]

  • The Range weapon mod did nothing for projectile-based fire. Projectiles will now travel at a faster speed with each Range upgrade.
  • Fixed Paul's hologram face with HDTP installed and Character Models disabled.
  • Fixed Karkian carcasses with HDTP.
  • Added the Gray Dissection image to an appropriate DataCube in the final area.
  • Corrected spelling of dissection on the two images.
  • Fixed Flamethrower and Pepper Gun firing sounds after travelling to a new map.
  • Don't penalize the NPCs' accuracy for using unzoomed scoped weapons, since they don't really have them zoomed.
  • Grenades no longer immediately explode when coming in contact with a carcass.
  • In the final area, each one of Page's taunts should play only once now.

[1.1.5 Changes]

  • The game has a feature that a certain computer login could have access to a Special Option that other logins don't. But that feature never actually worked. The routine responsible for checking logins for Special Options could almost never pass. Every login had access to special options, even GUESTs.
    This was fixed.
  • Because of the above change, I made the two computers at UNATCO HQ in Mission 5 that decrypt kill-phrases have their Special Options set to only one particular user that Paul tells you about if Anna is still alive. Meaning, killphrase decrpyption is now available when logged-in/hacked-in only with the user that has access to those decryption options.
  • But good luck hacking the account, because here is another feature I added that was intended to be, but never completed for the game: the account now requires an ADVANCED Computers level or higher to be hacked.
    With that said, the following is a list of computer accounts that now require a particular hacking skill:
  • The computer at the LaGuardia Helibase that gives you the keycode for the secret telephone conversation requires ADVANCED.
  • The computer accounts at the top of the NSFHQ had hacking restrictions already set, but that obviously did nothing before. They are now set to require ADVANCED. Or you can always go find that DataCube in the basement.
    Those two are my favorite lore-wise effects of the following change. So I listed those first before this:
  • Anything and everything that has a Special Option has a requirement of ADVANCED. In other words, the ADVANCED Computer level allows hacking into most terminals with special functions. Turning On/Off cameras is one thing, but access to BOT AI alteration should require more skill, right?
    In addition to that rule, here are more specific ones:
  • In Mission 5, MJ12 Facility, the security terminals allowing you to control BOT AI requires ADVANCED as by the rules.
  • But because of this, you are no longer stripped of your credits at the start of the mission (just think of it like your ammo - it isn't stripped, right?). You have two options if you don't have ADVANCED Computers: pay the mechanic right away or backtrack and find the DataCube.
  • All computer and security terminals in MJ12 Helibase, VersaLife, and MJ12 Lab require ADVANCED.
  • The computer accounts in the Nanotech Containment Facility for Virus Schematics upload require MASTER.
  • Now, the above change may prove to be impossible in some cases, as you may not have gotten the master password in the previous level if you made a covert approach in the MJ12 Lab. Because of this, I replaced the DataCube in the locked cabinet next to the Virus Schematics computer (you can read that same DataCube in the previous level anyway) with the text for the master password. This allows you to still get everything in the MJ12 Lab by having ADVANCED computers and not kowing the master password in case you chose not to disturb the scientists, and find out the master password right before you actually need it.
    I also created a new NanoKey for the cabinet that you can either pickpocket or loot off of the scientist there -- just in case you're out of lockpicks and rockets and LAMs to open the cabinet.
    Yea, you won't get stuck. This is also a nice touch since it confirms who the scientist is because you can never actually speak to her and thus, her Familiar Name is never shown.
  • The Security Terminal that opens Aug Canister containment pods in that same area with the Virus Schematics computer now has the standard security password used for the two areas. The password it used to have isn't mentioned anywhere, and the terminal itself now requries ADVANCED level to hack. You do not need to access it to pregress the story -- just for the Canisters (which can also be Miltitool'ed) -- as the Keypad for the UC at the bottom raises automatically when you get close anyway.
    To sum up the MJ12 Lab and Nanotech requirements: ADVANCED level Computers, or reading all the DataCubes.
  • Almost all computer terminals in the Cathedral require ADVANCED.
  • Everett's "precious" cryonic storage requires MASTER, while his Security Terminal for opening Aug Canister containment fields requires ADVANCED. You should already know his login/password, though.
  • Milnet Uplink requires MASTER, just for flavor.
  • Everything starting from the Ocean Lab until the end requires ADVANCED, except for the UC Reaction Module computer and the literal Deus Ex ending -- both require MASTER. For flavor.
  • However, since the DataCube for the Ocean Lab Reaction Module is a little hard to find and you need it to actually advance the story now, I moved it somewhere else, somewhat nearby.
  • 'SECURITY' is no longer saved by itself as a password for NanoMod's Auto-Fill Setting. Meaning ONETHING/SECURITY and OTHERTHING/SECURITY are treated as completely different accounts now, and get auto-filled only when both the login and the password match when accessing an account. It has also been removed from the starting known passwords, as SECURITY by itself is no longer a valid password for auto-fill.
    The only other known to me case of matching passwords is at the top of the NSFHQ, but those accounts are both on the same DataCube so that hardly matters. If you know one login, you know the other one anyway.
  • Fixed a bug that kept increasing the initial hacking detection time when logging in and out of an account, leading to unbelievably long hacking attempts afterwards.
  • When cycling through grenades with the Switch Ammo key, WP Grenades are now part of the switch list.
  • When placing the last grenade, switch to next available grenade. Works just like when you throw your last grenade.
  • Decreased the 20mm HE canister's blast radius to match that of a LAM, which is still twice the blast radius of a GEP rocket.
  • Increased the blast radius of the Plasma Bolt. The nerf to its blast radius in 1.1.0 to use single-player values turned out to be a little low, but it's still not as high as the multi-player value it used to have.
  • Commented out a piece of code in ScopeView that was responsible for setting your Crosshair's visibility to whatever value set in your game settings hundreds of times per second, even when not in actual scope view. This effectively gives us control over the crosshair for the times when we want to hide it if it's enabled, like when reading DataCubes and Books.
  • The Scanning/No Target of the Targeting Aug and the the crosshair reticle also get temporarily hidden if you happen to start reading a DataCube/Book.
  • Pressing Escape while the DataCube/Book text is on screen will get rid of the window instead of opening the menu. This will help get rid of any text displays that might get permanently "stuck" on some levels.
  • You no longer pull out your lockpicks when attempting to open an unpickable door that you don't have a NanoKey for.
  • Inside the superfreighter's lower decks there is a DataCube mentioning a code to the hangar. That code wasn't used anywhere and the doors leading to and from the hangar shared the same code as the door to the storage closet elsewhere on the level. The three keypads for the hangar doors now require the correct code from the DataCube.
  • The DataCube in Paris, the one in the police shack, now gives you the map of Paris Metro, like the text suggests it should. A previously unobtainable image.
  • When Cassandra at the Paris Nightclub tells you the code to the saferoom, it is now added to your Notes.
  • In Mission 5, Manderley's Office is now initially locked and can be opened with his office NanoKey (or a lockpick).

[1.1.1 Changes]
* Fixed a bug where the Double Carrying Cap setting was not always applying to some items.
* The game wouldn't let you pick up an item with multiple copies (Lockpicks, etc) if that would exceed your carrying cap. Fixed so it functions just like ammo: if you're not at the maximum capacity and the amount picked up would exceed that capacity, it's picked up and set to maximum capacity.
This is only really evident in Mission 5, when you're in the Armory getting your items back.
* With HDTP installed and Character Models disabled, Walton Simons' hologram had a mask it wasn't supposed to. This was corrected.
* Human Civilians are no longer eligible for random weapon mods or alternate ammo distribution.
* I nerfed the Target Aug a little too hard before, considering its power drain. Its accuracy gain is now a little bit higher per level.
* I accidentally enabled a white box where the Targeting Aug window should be when there is no video feed. Fixed so it will only show up with the actual video feed.
* Corrected Shifter's fix for Lamps that are lit by default to work properly.
* Corrected loot handling of unique Prototype Swords. Unique items should never be purged.
* Fixed a certain case where when looting bodies, the game would notify you that you got ammo when you already had a maximum amount of it.

[1.1.0 Changes]
* Merged Shifter 1.9RC1, this includes all of the work done by Y|yukichigai for HDTP support.
HDTP is not required, but the installation and use of HDTP is thoroughly covered in the included Shifter Readme.
* Two new settings controlling some aspects of HDTP: HDTP Weapon Models and HDTP Human Models. Weapons by default are enabled, but Human models are not. These settings only show up if you have HDTP installed. Everything else is automatically enabled.

* Fixed Plasma Rifle firing sound.
* Blast Radius and Damage of the Plasma Bolt were corrected to their intended single-player values (as was done in Shifter).
* Auto Turrets and Security cameras should now fully ignore you if you have Thermoptic Camo on (Not in Shifter release notes either).
* It seems the GEP Gun's first person view is fine in HDTP, so the Gep Gun/LAW fix applies only to LAW when that setting is enabled with HDTP Weapons.
* Prevented the LAW FOV Fix from affecting the iLAW unique weapon.

* When looting randomly distributed alternate ammo from bodies, now the amount picked up will be from 1 to whatever's higher: 4 or half of pickup amount.
Previously, the maximum was just half of the normal pickup amount. This change is only really affecting alternate ammo that has very low default pickup ammounts, like Darts. Normal ammo from weapons remains unchanged: from 1 to half of normal pickup.

* When the 20mm HE ammo is loaded, its "low ammo" color now only kicks in if its count is below 5.
* With Shifter preventing accidental slaughter of cleaner bots and cats, the joke setting for invincible cats has gone back to being a console command.

[Changes to Shifter 1.9RC1 during the merge]
* Fixed HDTP placed LAM textures.
* Fixed HDTP Opened Book textures.
* This fix also by effect enabled HDTP DataCubes.
* Fixed the enormous explosion decal sizes.
* Disabled HDTP Burning Barrels. They looked unbelievably bad.
* Disabled the HDTP Sawed-Off Shotgun. The original is superior in every way.
* Made iLAW use the original Assault Shotgun model as before, regardless of HDTP settings. It is more fitting this way.
* Changed Zooming in with the Targeting Aug so it won't draw the HDTP scope. It looked really weird and bad.

* I did not fix the "bug" where the Received Items window was showing your total amounts. This is a fully functioning "feature" of this mod since 1.0.
* Shifter has a feature where it shows you the ammount of ammo you get from ammo and weapons (2 lines!).
I found this feature to be a little too spammy and really unncecessary, and instead, the log now shows how much of random ammo was picked up when looting bodies, since the Received Items window shows your total amount.

* Random Container Inventory was not included. I might add it in later, if I can think of a more interesting inventory for them than Soy Foods and Sodas.

Other changes in Shifter were merged as they were. For a full list of changes please see the included Shifter Readme.

[1.0.7 Changes]
* New setting: Color-Coded Alternate Ammo. This colors alternate ammo loaded in weapons on the belt icons (and a few other places) based on their type.
Credit to CyberP of GMDX for the idea from his own mod, providing initial colors, and sample code. This is off by default.

* Prettified my 'Installed Modifications' section of the Weapon Info display. It now has a very pretty display of icons instead of the lame 3/5 text!Much thanks to CyberP of GMDX for giving me the idea to change my initial code to do this, and for showing me that it can be done!

* The default Light Augmentation now has 3 empty icons on the background to signify that it can have upgrades.
* The Synthetic Heart Augmentation now has no empty icons on the background (yes, in ALL three possible locations *sigh*), as it has no upgrades.
* Skills tab now also has the blank icons for empty levels
* Prettified the shiny new Settings UI. Now even more newier and shinier. Or something.

* Following the GEP Gun FOV Fix, it seems that the LAW is sufferring from the same problem. The fix is now included with the GEP Gun setting.
* And finally, since it's really trivial for me to add new settings now, the 'Auto-Fill Entered Passwords And Keycodes' functionality of this mod is now a toggleable setting in the Settings UI. Default is ON, as it's always been enabled.
* When using the Auto-Fill setting, the message on keypads will now display the code used instead of the default GRANTED message, to be in-line with how auto-fill works for computer terminals.

[1.0.6 Changes]
* Settings now have a full-fledged UI that's accessed from the Main Menu.
(If you're upgrading, PLEASE don't forget to copy over as well! Your menu will be screwed up otherwise!)
Their new global functionality remains unchanged, as has been done in 1.0.5.
All console commands are gone, except for toggleWeaponMod and listModSettings -- which now only lists the mod toggles.
They both require cheats and have no place in the UI.

I once again have to thank Michael Justice of BioMod.
If he never did his Challenges UI, I would have never done this. Not anytime soon, anyway.

[1.0.5 Changes]

* Your NanoMod settings will now be applied to New Games and to all Saved Games as well! YAY! Now saves config to User.ini instead.
--- But all your NanoMod settings have been set to defaults.. I am sorry :( But it's for the greater good!
(This is except all stored passwords/keycodes and Weapon Mod toggles. Those are still saved in saves, and get reset every new game, obviously)

* New setting that doubles your carrying capacity of all Ammo (incl. Grenades), Medkits, Lockpicks, and Multitools. Type in console: doubleCarryingCap True to enable this. I like the game better with this on. But it's a setting for you :P

* Combat Knife change is here! (I call this a fix): Combat Knives now function exactly as Throwing Knives and Grenades when thrown away. As in, the amount of combat knife ammo you have will transfer to the knife you threw away for picking up later. If you pick up another combat knife, your knife count will be 1. If you pick up the one you threw away, its ammo count will add to your current one.This makes the most sense, as Grenades and Throwing knives function in exactly the same way.

* When giving items to friendly NPCs that can receive them -- Throwing Knives, Grenades, and Combat Knives now function as if you had thrown them away. As in, you lose all of their ammo and their ammo amounts are transferred to the NPC.
* Generally improved ammo handling for friendly NPCs when receiving items from you. Just don't give them upgraded weapons. (Why would you?)
* Following the change in 1.0.2, for your situational non-lethal needs, Prods and Pepper Guns now also get discarded instead of deleted with the 'frobInferiorGuns' setting disabled by default. After depleting them of their ammo, of course.

* Darts no longer stay on NPCs they hit -- meaning you can't loot Darts off of corpses that you shot, just like you can't Combat and Throwing Knives. Can still grab them off of walls just like the Knives, though. Eh. There are enough Darts to loot from corpses as it is.
* More fixes to body looting. Notifications and actual looting.
(Is It Perfect Yet!?!? Ugh. I should have just rewritten that routine from scratch....)

* Weapon Info now displays correct damage bonus from skills (Thanks CyberP of GMDX!)
* Fixed projectile-based weapons' accuracy (crossbow & plasma rifle) to aknowledge having a laser or a scope (Thanks CyberP of GMDX!)
* Sector 4's security terminal in the very beginning now has the correct login/password that's mentioned in the DataCube.It is exactly as it appears in text. With a space.
* The door to the coolant system in Sector 4 now has the correct keycode mentioned in the DataCube.
* I noticed something strange recently.. The GEP Gun model is really distorted for me.. It's too far forward and it's actually so far outthat you can see the edges of the screen it's supposed to block. If you're experiencing this as well, use the setting: gepGunViewFix true
Then you need to holster/bring it up again. Hopefully that does it for you. I don't know what else to do yet.

[1.0.2 Changes]
* I broke picking up some items from corpses under certain conditions in 1.0. Fixed.
* The Target Augmentation now again adds to your accuracy, albeit in a smaller amount
* Made changes to the way the bonus to accuracy for standing still is calculated for weapons with high accuracy
This makes the Target Aug more useful on the Advanced weapon skill level
* No more accuracy penalty for weapons that come with a scope when not using a scope -- but only if the laser sight is on
* Fixed Target Aug's data to display proper weapon name
* Hitting the head with a baton or a prod now has a damage multiplier, albeit it's lower than for other weapons.
* When turning off the Target aug, actually deactivate the scope view if we don't actually have a scope
* You can now upgrade augmentations to level 4 without turning off Synthetic Heart (S.H. boosts all of them to level 5)
* I re-enabled combat knives to drop to the ground when searching bodies instead of getting silently deleted when you have a better melee weapon. But now not every freaking NPC carries a combat knife.
* Small text changes. Mostly to do with Aug Upgrades when S.H. is active

[1.0.1 Changes]
* Added a DataCube to the beginning of the game that tells the player about settings
* Fixed the Demolition skill allowing only 1 extra grenade per level, instead of 2. Sorry about that.
* Fixed Gunther's killphrase
* Renamed some keys

1.0 Release:
* The first feature I'll list is the first thing I ever added to BioMod. Back in 2010.
* Every password you ever enter into a computer terminal, and every code you input into a keypad gets saved to your save game. * If the computer terminal only has one account and you know the password, the fields for username and password are automatically filled in.
* If the computer terminal has more than one account, the window similar to the window when you hack it appears in top right with a list of all accounts you know the passwords to. On double click of a Known Account, the username and password fields for that account get filled in.
* If you know every password for every account on that terminal, then the Hack window disappears. This lets you know you know everything for that terminal.
* When you access a keypad you know the code to, it's automatically accepts you, just like if you had hacked it with a Mooltitool. But no, I don't set the 'hacked' flag, of course. It acts exactly as if you had inputted the code yourself. * You start off the game kniwng 3 passwords: USER, GUEST, and SECURITY. I think that's fair. I mean. GUEST/GUEST and USER/USER is very often used for empty comuters and SECURITY is used quite a few times. So you'll have access to a bit of terminals that use that password the first time you input it anyway. So whatever, I'm just giving it away right off the bat. * Oh, Oh! Bonus Feature Time! ATMs will now have the maximum amount of credits you can withdraw already filled in. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Now the fun part. This is questionable, but it's not and can not be a setting. I like to think of it as a core feature. This will make or break the mod for you, unfortunately. But anyway.

* WEAPON ACCURACY AND WEAPON MOD CHANGES [OLD SAVE INCOMPATIBILITY ALERT] I love Weapon Mods. I really really want them to be useful. Just like the Recoil Mod. Right. (btw that was a joke). Here we go. Are you ready?
Okay so there are (were, actually, but more on this later.) 19 Accuracy mods in the game. Yes, 19. Some weapons don't even need accuracy mods as they get 100% at master level, like the sniper rifle. And some weapons can't even have them. So. 19. Okay. We have to make use of them somehow, right? While not extremely useful as Recoil Mods (read: useless.. aaand we'll get to that, ohhh yes we will), I decided it needed a change.
* I changed the way Accuracy Mods increase the weapon's accuracy value. It is now dynamic, based on the weapon's maximum accuracy. The amount of accuracy you get per mod varies per weapon, and to achieve 100% accuracy you now need MASTER level PLUS 5 Accuracy Mods per weapon. * But I wanted this to work with the Sniper Rifle as well. So.. to balance, every weapon that allows an Accuracy Mod has had its accuracy decreased by 5%. This means, that the Sniper Rifle at MASTER will only have 95% accuracy. And each Accuracy Mod will increase the Sniper Rifle's accuracy by 1% each time, regardless of current level.As another example, the Assault Rifle will have 85% accuracy at Master Level. This means that each applied Accuracy Mod will increase the Assault Rifle's accuracy by 3%. With 5 mods it will reach 100% accuracy. 3*5 is 15. Right? And 85+15 = 100. Right? Maths so hard. Do I get an A tho?

Still with me? Weird. Anyway, on to RECOIL. AHAHAHAhahaha. YES.

* WEAPON RECOIL AND WEAPON MOD CHANGES [OLD SAVE INCOMPATIBILITY ALERT] Did I forget to mention that I love weapon mods in the previous section? If so, then, yea, I love weapon mods. I wish they were all useful. Just like the Recoil Mod. Oh, wait... Okay, so, first..
* The game had a very weird way of handling recoil. In stats, it displayed one thing, and in reality, it was doing completely different stuff. But the formula handling the real recoil calculation, due to the unexplainable phenoemenon called maths, resulted in anything below the displayed stat of 0.24 having its actual recoil set to 0. YUP. And recoil was completely phased out by ADVANCED level. Wait. That means that.. Recoil mods.. are completely useless? HAH! NOPE! Not anymore. I changed (read: fixed) the real weapon recoil calculation to be exactly in line with the displayed recoil stat (which I also changed the calculation of, a bit. Anyway, the displayed value perfectly reflects reality now). And because of this, every bit of recoil that you have, even 0.03, can actually be noticeable. Especially on stuff like the Assault Rifle. This means that your initial recoil when starting a new game will be a little noticeably worse. I didn't have any trouble with it though. It's not awful. Really. I promise. Eh, try it for yourself.
* As with the Accuracy Mods, you need MASTER level PLUS 5 Recoil Mods to completely get rid of recoil for any weapon. Which now happens exactly at -100%, 0.00 recoil. And not 0.23. 0.23 is still a value, right? I mean 0.23 doesn't equal a 0, does it? Well. The old code responsible for the actual recoil thought that it did. Well! I'LL TEACH YOU, BAD CODE! I'LL FIX YA RIGHT UP! HM! * I also fixed a very weird and head-scratching display bug in the Weapon Stats display that displayed values such as as 0.01 as 0.1. And 0.08 as 0.8. Seriously, Ion Storm?
* Because these changes have dynamic results, it makes it rather even more difficult to figure out just HOW MANY mods you've applied to a weapon. Especially when having different skill levels for different types. SO, I made a UI enhancement. The Weapon Stats display now shows how many mods of each type you've applied to a weapon!

Okay so back to our game having 19 accuracy mods. (Sheesh). There were 19 Accuracy, 10 Reload, 12 Clip, 13 Recoil, and 12 Range Mods in the game. Funny. Reload can be used on ALL weapons and you could actually use all 5 of them in any weapon. Because Reload. And accuracy you needed the least of, as some wepaons didn't even need them in the end at all. 19 accuracy and 10 reloads. DO YOU SEE THE PROBLEM NOW!? You do. This is the mod you were looking for. *slow hand gesture*

* I dynamically replace some Accuracy Mods with Reload Mods on some maps. There are now 12 Accuracy Mods and 17 Reload Mods on game levels. I still think it's too much accuracy even with the Weapon Mod changes, but eh. I'd actually hate to REMOVE the mods. But, we do have the Random Weapon Mods feature coming up in the RANDOM NPC INVENTORY. Which just happens to be the next section. Just by chance. Convinient, huh?

RANDOM NPC INVENTORY has been overhauled. Here is a list concerning it:
* Because of Weapon Mod changes, you now should need more Weapon Mods than you can find in the game. Probably. At least I really hope so. MJ12 Commandos or Human Military types that have a Heavy Weapon have a 25% chance to a drop a random weapon mod. MIBs and WIBs have a 41.67% chance. MIBs and WIBs with Heavy Weapons have a 100% chance. If the NPC is marked as Important and has a unique name to him/her, then they also have a 100% chance to have a wepaon mod on them. Note that you CANNOT loot these randomly assigned weapon mods to Important people from unconcious bodies. They need to be dead. You can knock them out, and then kill them. But they need to be dead. And by dead, I mean DEAD. This is to prevent abuse with something like, Killing Anna Navarre on Lebedev's jet to get her mod, then knocking Lebedev unconcious to get his mod. Nope. NOPENOPENOPE. You want his mod too? Then be a heartless murdering [snip] and kill him as well. The Random Weapon mods are: Accuracy/Clip/Recoil/Range/Reload
* Anna Navarre, Gunther Hermann, and Walton Simons always carry a Rate of Fire mod. They have no chance for the random weapon mods listed above. Or any other random inventory function for that matter. Also, RoF mods as you have probably noticed are not part of the random list either. There are now 7 of them total in the game, but more on that later. Oh yea, and did I also mention that they HAVE TO BE DEAD first?
* There is a setting, a feature, but it REQUIRES CHEATS to be ENABLED. In case you found too many mods of one type than you can possibly use, you can exclude them from the random list by typing, for example, toggleWeaponMod Accuracy this will toggle the random accuracy mods to off, which will no longer assign them to NPCs on new maps. Yes, I chose the Accuracy mod for this example for a reason. Yes, exactly what you're thinking. Goddammit. Stupid Accuracy Mods. Argh.
* Regular type NPCs below the power of MJ12 Commandos can have either Credits, Lockpick, Multitool, or Medkit assigned to them. * Regular type NPCs with weapons have a 16.67% chance to carry a random alternate ammo type or a random grenade, except Scramblers. MJ12 Commandos, MIBs/WIBs, Important people, or regular type NPCs if they have a powerful weapon (Assault Shotgun or a Heavy Weapon) have a 27.78% chance (please note that this is a chance to have one random ammo type. There are 6 alternate ammo types and a 7th type if including grenades. And the amount you get is quite random. So it should be pretty rare to get a lot of one ammo type). MJ12 Commandos and higher however do not carry these random grenades. * You do not get these alternate ammos until you actually find them in the world. Except grenades, you always get them. This is as before, just making sure it's mentioned. * In case of carrying the max aount of found alt ammo, that ammo is dropped to the ground for picking up later. * Any other not mentioned Random Inventory feature that was present in other mods is no longer present here. This is all.

* MIBs, WIBs, Anna Navarre, and Gunther Hermann no longer explode on death. This is so you can get their cool random (and in special cases not random) items off of them.* Corpses can no longer explode if they haven't been searched yet. For the very same reason. (This mod actually has a really cool feature on exploding corpses instead, but I will get to it a little later. All in due time, Padawan).* Robots do not carry anything. Random inventory for them is disabled. You also cannot frob/search them anymore.
* This is OFF by default, but.. I have restored Shifter's skill point system for kills/stealth. (err well, actually, just uncommented what Justice commented out for BioMod. Thanks, Justice, for making this easier than it would have been ;) And then I just made it into a setting). You can enable this with the command: combatSkillPoints true
* Oh, and you don't get any skill points for killing cats anymore, either. You murderer. I know what you did last Deus Ex session. (Oh and do please read the final feature of this mod at the very end. Please. Pretty please? But IN DUE TIME, NOT NOW!)

* BODY LOOTING has been overhauled. Aside from fixing the numerous log script errors, it notifies you better if you really did find anything or not. Also it makes the following changes:
* You no longer discard melee weapons worse than you have. They are automatically just silently deleted. Do you really need a crowbar when you have a sword? Really? Well, too bad. With the exception of Baton, which might have special use for some people in certain points in the game so it does get dropped on the ground. Now the Combat Knife. There is a bug with it in either Shifter, BioMod, or NanoMod, or I don't know, but if you pick up a combat knife, throw it away, and then pick another one up, you will have 2 combat knives. And so on. It seems like its ammo doesn't get removed from you when you discard it. So yea, combat knives are silently also deleted for now if you don't have them in your inventory. I'll look into this later.
* I know an Item Filter would be a neat feature, but it has a lot to do with UI programming that I haven't yet gotten into. I also wasn't planning on releasing this mod and there were no settings at all for years. It just occured to me this week. So yea. However, I have carried over some of the squelching stuff done for melee weapons into guns. This is a setting and is ON by default. Please note that in *ALL* cases you will first acquire the ammo from these weapons before the mod silently removes them from the corpse's inventory. Here is what it does: You no longer get Pistols if you have a Stealth Pistol. You no longer get Pistols, Mini Crossbows, Pepper Guns, or Prods if you have an Assault Rifle. You no longer get Sawed-Off Shotguns if you have an Assault Shotgun. You no longer get PS20s if you have a Plasma Rifle. Does any of this makes sense? Let me know, changes to these is easy to do. I'll look into something more interesting in the future. You can disable this feature by typing: inferiorGuns true
* This is also augmented (heh) by the following feature that is OFF by default: You can silently discard and delete all miscellaneous items found from bodies. These items are: Cigarettes, Drugs, Booze, Soda, Candy, and Say Food. Turn this on by typing: frobConsumables false * You will discard acquired weapons when you are already carrying maximum amounts of their ammo. This bypasses the above setting -- meaning, Sawed-Off Shotguns will be dropped to the ground instead of deleted if you're at maximum shells and are already carrying a Sawed-Off or an Assault Shotgun. Come back and pick them up for their random amounts of ammo when you use some of it up.

* The game will tell you that you have maximum ammo if you try to pick up a weapon you already have, while having max ammo of that type. In other words you can't pick that weapon up. It's unneeded. Come back when you use some of that ammo to replenish it.
* Ammo amounts picked up from weapons that are looted off bodies have been changed to randomly from 1 to half of the default weapon's pickup amount.
* This is a realy cool and a REALLY fun feature but I think I had to make it OFF by default: When frobbing a corpse with AND ONLY WITH a WEAPON OUT, the corpse will explode after giving up its items. You can turn this on with the console command: explodeOnFrob true Try it, it's glorious! Also never again loot a body twice. And have easy access to dropped weapons if your ammo was full at the time. It's CORPSE EXPLOSION at its FINEST. TURN IT ON.
* I know this was a bug in Shifter. But I liked this "feature" SO much that I decided to implement it for EVERYTHING: When frobbing bodies, the Acquired Items window will show the NEW TOTAL amount of the item in your inventory/ammo belt. For EVERY item, including credits. (Actually I didn't know it was a bug at first. I thought the bug was that it DIDN'T show the total amounts for everything. It helped me a lot with watching my ammo. Heh. Anyway, it's now a complete 100% working feature. DealWithIt.gif)
* You only get notified via the Acquired Window that you found a NanoKey from a body if you actually looted one you didn't already have.

Aaaand speaking of NanoKeys... It just happens so... Oh man, I'm good at this By Chance thing aren't I?

I bet you didn't see this one coming. Seriously, neither did I. For YEARS. But It started to bug me. Because they had bugs. (heeeeey!) But they did! Just read! So here we go.
* All NanoKeys are dynamically renamed on Game Load and Key Pickup. Their names have been normalized, tidied up and cleaned up.
* The game will now tell you which key was used to open a door. Flavor, flavor!
* Ugh. This bug was the bug that made me make changes to NanoKeys in the first place: If you ever got the key that was called "Key to Supply Closet" in the Shipyard, then that key was the one responsible for screwing your NanoKey Ring into thinking that you had a key for everything -- popping up your NanoKey Ring on every door unlock attempt, instead of say, a LOCKPICK? Yea. It had an id of None. Which is NOTHING. NO ID. Yea. it's fixed. Your NanoKey Ring will always behave as it should now even after getting this key. It now also opens the door that it was originally supposed to. Can you imagine that!? The door it should have always opened requires a key with an id of 'SupplyRoom'. I did get this one right, didn't I? ... I DID, NOW KEEP READING!
* Fixed bugs with a few keys that had the same ID as keys found on previous maps that could be used on later maps that obviously needed a key that you should get from the later map. Confused? Here: * A key you could get off of a Nurse and a Doctor at the Free Clinic had the same ID as the key you get from the MIB in level 5. The place where you found the Plasma Rifle, remember? 15 years this game is and I still won't spoil anything. NO SPOILER ALERT! Other than me previously mentioning killing Anna Navarre. And Walton Simons. BUT! Okay anyway so basically what happaned is you never actually got the new key off of the MIB if you got that key off the Nurse/Doctor back in Hell's Kitchen. And you would use that Nurse's key to open the MIB's cabinet. Instead of the key that you should have gotten off of the MIB in level 5. Yes. You now can have both of them at the same time. (Of course, since they even have different names!) and each thing they open now require the respective keys.
* Same story with the Storage Closet key you got in the Ocean Lab and the Storage Key for the storage vault in the first are of the final level. Couldn't have both before, but they opened each others' doors. Okay, seriously. Did anyone ever ACTUALLY FIND the Key to the Ocean Lab storage? I mean. I had to open the map editor to find out where it is. That is just.. Ugh. Sneaky sneaky map makers. Anyway, if you know where it is, it's fixed, and will now only open the Ocean Lab storage rooms. As it should.
* I have also removed some keys that are NOT USED BY ANY DOOR. I mean, I kept almost all keys that you would NEVER ACTUALLY USE (Nanotech Containment Lockdown Door, I'm looking at you!), but theoretically they could be used. I think. At least there are doors that at least reference them, so they're still in. I'm talking about the keys that had no doors anywhere that required them. And I mean not even close. Keys like "Key to Lebedev's Bedroom" NO. There is only one door in the jet that requires a NanoKey. And it's a different key. And is acutally aptly named and ID'd. So yea. It's gone. Those keys are gone. Sorry. They're all gone. 6 keys to be exact. Yes, I'm sure. I wrote special scripts to find all doors on every level and checked them against the list of all available keys in the game. You won't miss those keys, trust me.

* Gunther no longer drops the Skull Gun aug. It doesn't appear in the game. Uh. A mech using mech tech carried with him a nano aug cannister when going to fight our NanoAug hero. Sure. Or was it that his skull gun mech aug turned into a NanoAug cannister when he died? Yea... No. Of course the -- augadd AugSkullGun cheat still works, so.. yea. :P Actually my real reason for removing it was that it messed with aug progression since the second slot is a random Aug. But whatever. Be happy with the RoF mod you get off of him instead, and DealWithIt.gif ..Or, errr I might add the cannister int the world somewhere at a later time. If you guys want.
* Okay so, RoF Mods. (Hey, here I go again! That By Chance thing!) I have placed two more RoF mods on two levels, totalling to 7 in the game - this including the 3 looted ones I mentioned earlier. I know they are overpowered. Personally, I don't abuse them. I dump 5 of them into my Sniper Rifle and it doesn't feel too OP, just feels better. I add one to Assault Shotgun and one to anything else. Hope you don't feel too off-put by this increase in RoF mods, especially seeing as how you got this far without dubbing this mod a complete waste of bytes on the otherwise ever-so-useful internet.
* You no longer make Hit/hurt noises if you receive 0 damage.
* You can disable screen flashing when taking damage/healing by using the console command: screenDamageFlash false
* The default Light Augmentation also increases in radius every level. Level 5 (using Synthetic Heart) is glorious!* Brought back the old Target augmentation window. No more darts! Sorry, but, I like the orignal more where it always shows the target you're pointing at.
* The Target augmentation no longer adds to your accuracy. Again, due to the Accuracy Weapon Mod overhaul. Can you tell that I really LOVE Weapon Mods yet?
* The Target augmentation window no longer shows a black square if the aug's level is not high enough to show the video feed. It just displays the info text on lower levels.
* If on your resolution the Aug Target window overlaps with the Damage Absorbed notifications, you can use this console command to lower the target window: lowerAugTargetWindow true As a side effect, this also lowers the Spy Drone window.
* Skill reduction penalty for running/jumping for simply not having Athletics has been decreased from 0.8 to 0.9. BioMod's author's 0.8 is way too harsh. IMHO.
* At Master Athletics level, since you jump higher than normal, fall damage is also reduced a bit.* Restored the original game's invisibility effect while hacking computers.* Removed BioMod's feature that kicks you off of a computer if you take damage. I mean the computers in the game. The in-game computers
.* I have disabled Auto Saves that were added in BioMod on map load. I don't know, but the game kept crashing for me on them periodically. I have replayed this game with my mod many times without these autosaves and the game didn't crash once. So I know it's not a bug in the mods, it probably has to do with the autosave system itself.. Or the point at which these are done. Ot it's just me. Anyway, they're off. Use QuickSaves, it's just a single button press.
* Added a new HUD theme, Starlight Mod. (Nano didn't fit in the box :() It's a small variation of Starlight, replacing borders with default ones and coloring black disabled buttons into dark blue. I like it better with default borders. You don't have to use it. No, really. I made it for for me only.Oh, and uhh you can only choose it on the main menu -- it will never show up in the menu if you load a game that was started prior to installing this mod. Ever. :'( I DID mention that a NEW GAME was recommended, right? Sigh. Why do you never listen.
* There was a WP Grenade inside the Plasma Rifle Containment Unit in mission 5. Wait, what? Re-read that first sentance. Yea. Now there is appropriately a Plasma Clip, instead. I moved the WP Grenade to the table on the right. The table that is not a Plasma Rifle Containment Unit. Where the other stuff is. The stuff that is not a Plasma Rifle. Yea.
* K. LLoyd's computer now always has the password that's mentioned in the DataCube in level 5 for all levels where his login is available.
* Ocean Lab's security terminals in the second arae of the lab now have consistent login/passwords mentioned in the DataCube. For one or two, the Login and Password were switched up.
* Some very tiny small random text changes I won't bother to remember. One or two. Eh.
* Aaaaaaand to top things off, last, but probably the most important, use-at-your-own-risk setting of this mod - Invincible cats! Because, you know.. Cats! Err.. well, implementing a 9-lives system was too troublesome. Actually I just though of that.. Hmmmm.. Anyway, you can make cats invincible by typing: tearsPreventionMechanism true Never again feel bad by accidentally stepping on the little buggers. Or accidentally blowing one up with a LAM because you were too cheap to waste 5 Lockpicks on lockers that you know have nothing useful anyway. Uh. I just made that up. Really. I did. ... Stop looking at me like that... >.> BUT! With this setting on, you will no longer accidentally a cat. EVAH. But, Warning: this feature was not extensively tested by firing at cats all day. Because reasons.

Alllrighty, then! Ciao!

Suggestions VERY welcome. Criticism too. Maybe. Be Gentle. >.>

The only console commands that didn't make it into the UI:
tearsPreventionMechanism true/false : Invincible Cats! default: .... false.. Aw, poor things.. :'((((((

This last setting requires cheats. I think it's fair to require them. I think?
toggleWeaponMod Accuracy/Clip/Range/Reload/Recoil : Random Weapon Mods from bodies. toggles between true and false for each mod. default ALL TRUE

listModSettings : lists all of the console command setting with your configured values.

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