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Tactix is obsolete. I no longer have the time nor the inclination to work on it. It will not be updated or available for download any further.

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Tactix was in fact STOLEN by some un-scrupulous user and put on this website without my permission. Despite a very CLEAR terms of use agreement on the original download. Stating in very specific language that my mod was not eligible to be rehosted anywhere else without my expressed written permission, which I have never given to anyone.

I found Tactix here on Moddb, in flagrant violation of the terms of use, very clearly written in the original download. I requested a take down of the mod as the true author and succeeded, after which I created a new page for it. With a misguided attempt at 'fixing' it. However this game is a decade old, and its age is really showing. My time is better spent on more current software.

Tactix 1.66 is an incomplete mod, incompatible with C&C3:TW v1.9 and rather than fix it (time and effort I don't have) or leave it on here, I'm holding on to the original readme file's very specific conditions of use, and removing it.

If you really want it, get it from the only place I ever truly authorized it to be downloaded from.


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